IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 26, 2016) - Axis Research & Technologies today announced the opening of its new facility to further advance medical research and education through a technologically sophisticated training ground for medical device manufacturers, surgeons, and hospitals. Located in Southern California, Axis offers full-service capabilities for hosting regional and national medical research and educational events. The 10,100 square-foot stand-alone facility features two private lab suites that simulate an operating room atmosphere as well as a 2,200 square-foot multi-station bio-skills lab that can accommodate up to 12 stations. The facility also houses venues and services to accommodate training and seminars including a 100-seat stadium style amphitheater, catering and concierge services, and the ability for companies to interact globally via its HIPPA-compliant telecommunications network.

"Axis Research & Technologies offers a multifaceted approach to medical research and education," said Nick Moran, president and CEO of Axis. "Our hands-on training center and fully equipped lab environments can accommodate an array of medical and surgical procedures utilizing unembalmed cadavers to accelerate a learner's time to proficiency."

The stand-alone campus was designed to advance healthcare education through clinical training for physicians working with medical device development companies to improve product performance and patient care. Leveraging the latest equipment available, the facility has capacity for conducting a wide range of medical and surgical procedures including: arthroscopic, endoscopic, anterior lumbar interbody fusion/direct lateral interbody fusion (ALIF/DLIF), neurovascular, orthopedic, spinal, thoracic, urology, laminectomy and more. 

Axis Offers Live and Virtual HIPPA- Compliant Telecommunications Network
Axis' executive meeting rooms, amphitheater, 2,200 square-foot dining facility and bio-skills labs offer audio/video technology with the flexibility of a live or virtual learning environment. The two private labs closely replicate an operating room to support immersive, collaborative, hands-on learning. The 2,200 square-foot multi-station lab can be configured to meet specific training needs. Medical device manufacturers, surgeons and other healthcare professionals may leverage the recording, broadcasting and educational capabilities through the secured, HIPAA-compliant, high-speed network to collaborate and conduct training sessions and symposiums with regional, national or global audiences.

About Axis Research & Technologies:

Axis Research & Technologies is a medical and educational research facility in Southern California. Axis was established to support medical research, the advancement of medical technology, and education and training through the use of unembalmed cadavers for surgeons, medical device manufacturers and healthcare professionals. Located in Irvine, Calif., Axis Research & Technologies' stand-alone training center includes: spacious multi-station bio-skills labs, a stadium-style amphitheater, HIPPA-compliant audio/video telecommunications services and executive meeting areas to accommodate a wide variety of regional and national conferences, and workshops. The Axis Research & Technologies campus is located at 16662 Hale Avenue in Irvine, California. For more information, visit

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