BERLIN, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Jan. 26, 2016) - Ms. Almas Jiwani delivered a concluding keynote speech at the AGCO Africa Summit: Agribusiness in Africa - Inclusive and Sustainable Growth addressing an audience including International decision makers from politics, industry and sciences on Jan 18th in Berlin.

Almas Jiwani, President emeritus of UN Women Canada NC, CEO of Almas Jiwani Foundation and expert in UN gender equality initiatives, spoke on "Sowing the Seeds of Our Collective Future Through Female and Youth Empowerment". The focal point of the address was women empowerment and the gender equality in the Agriculture Sector.

"Gender equality is "the single most important determinant for food security", and by introducing empowerment programs and gender mainstreaming initiatives, two of the world's most pressing problems, namely gender inequality and food insecurity, could be eradicated." Almas Jiwani said of reducing gender inequality. She also added that "This idea of inclusion and empowerment is not a static model which is focused on today but one which must also include a new generation of men and women who are knocking on our doorsteps as leaders of our future."

In her speech, Almas Jiwani stressed on the interrelation women empowerment and youth empowerment "With close to 90% of the world's youth, young men and young women, living in emerging markets, what are we doing today to bring all of them into the process of bettering our world of tomorrow? These are the seeds of tomorrow's crop; how are we nurturing these people such that are harvests will be plentiful and ever-growing?"

Almas Jiwani honored Mr Nuradin Osman, Managing Director, Africa and Middle East for AGCO Corporation with an Award for his outstanding contribution to Women in Agriculture and humanity.

"The theme of the 5th AGCO Africa is inclusive and sustainable agricultural growth, which is why we invited Almas Jiwani as a key speaker to share her expertise on this important topic, particularly on empowering women farmers" said Nuradin Osman, Director of Operations for Africa and Middle East. "Her call to Summit delegates to develop approaches that address the issues of youth and women in agriculture as part of core business strategy is well aligned with AGCOs inclusive and sustainable mechanization agenda, bringing all of the participants in African agriculture together on the journey to drive agricultural growth."

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AJF Programs will be aimed at empowering girls and women by expanding access to education, increasing economic opportunity, and providing or improving access to the energy at the most local levels possible. The improved access to energy is expected to yield a co-benefit of better use of technology and modern communications systems, including smart phones and the internet.

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