LogFire WMS Cloud Version 7 Powers the Digital Fulfillment Economy

Latest Version Enables Greater Efficiency and Visibility Via the Cloud

ATLANTA, Jan. 27, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fulfillment and supply chain execution operations received a boost this week at the Modern Supply Chain Experience Powered by Oracle, with the release of Version 7 of the LogFire Digital Fulfillment Network. With this latest version, LogFire continues to expand its best-of-breed benefits to wholesalers and manufacturers while extending the benefits of its world class, cloud-based warehouse and inventory management to retailers and ecommerce operations anywhere in the world.

The new functionality included in Version 7 increases supply chain robustness in the cloud and helps businesses optimize their logistics operations with automation that provides record return on investment and implementation times.

“These additions to Version 7 extend greater efficiencies and visibility into managing omni-channel inventories,” said LogFire CEO, Diego Pantoja-Navajas, about the new enhancements.  “Retailers, ecommerce sites, wholesalers and manufacturers can manage a level of complexity – in the cloud – they’ve never been able to before. They can plan better and react faster because they can see everything – all their inventory – no matter how large or small, dynamically.”

With the addition of the LogFire Cloud, companies of all types now have a technology aligned with and supportive of modern, omni-channel selling. With this level of control, inventory data at the manufacturer, the warehouse, the store, and with the customer are connected.  Businesses know exactly where their inventory is and can get it to the right places at the right time.

Pantoja-Navajas continued, “Companies wake up every morning thinking about how they can create better customer experiences and capture additional revenue through omni-channel functionality. But the reality of connecting on-premise systems along with the associated cost of having hardware at every retail outlet and the implementation time creates a significant cost barrier for most retailers to truly become omni-channel enabled. Only connected, cloud-based solutions can solve this dilemma as there is little to no hardware associated with cloud solutions and the implementation times are often a fraction of the time compared to traditional, on-premise solutions.”

Specific Vertical Functionality Included in Version 7 includes:

Manufacturing and Wholesale

The LogFire Cloud WMS has always supported direct-to-consumer fulfillment as well as store delivery confirmation by allocating inventory into outbound loads with multi-stop routes. With the Version 7 release, manufacturers and wholesalers can now run work order waves for the assembly and disassembly of kits. Businesses can also automatically assemble and link work orders to sales orders so that users can pack sales orders as they assemble.

While picking and packing via mobile has long been a feature of the LogFire Cloud WMS, Version 7 includes RF upgrades that allow users to pick without running a wave. With this new functionality customers can pick orders on the spot and direct them to packing – making them much more efficient – even with ecommerce or urgent orders.


The Version 7 release pushes further down the road the ability of supply chain companies to enable any point along the supply chain to become a fulfillment center.

Whether that’s because ecommerce sites now have the ability to track and support inventory by units of measurement or because they can create new inventory items out of multiple pieces, ecommerce sites on the LogFire Cloud WMS have a distinct edge.  The connected consumer is met with an equally connected fulfillment solution.  Orders that arrive randomly can be fulfilled without the need to run a wave and inventory is updated in real time.

“All commerce is, in some way, ecommerce,” said Pantoja-Navajas. “When we build systems that react to real time marketplace issues, we are supporting the ability of any store or ecommerce site to compete in the modern economy.  There’s no way around this anymore.  The new fulfillment economy is the new reality.”

Cloud-based In-Store Fulfillment

Finally, the Version 7 release and Store Availability Management (SAM) tools optimize supply chains for retail outlets allowing retailers to quickly meet the demands of a dynamic marketplace. Enhancements of the system begin with the ability to react to and manage data and the time required to meet orders.  Specifically, LogFire’s Version 7 release helps retailers create new inventory items out of two or more pieces – meaning companies can plan and prepare – or dynamically assemble – packaged goods as per marketing promos.

Retailers may now also define, select, and see how their merchandise is tracked in real time on the web.  They are able to increase inventory traceability by creating classifications that help manage businesses – whether that consists of place of manufacturing, consignee inventory, claim numbers, or warranty types.

Additionally, if they need to support and track inventory based on differing measurement units – weight, volume, length, or quantity – retailers will now have that functionality as well.

The back of the store has as much capability as a warehouse or distribution center – at least in terms of increasing visibility into its inventory. If a retailer receives a shipment without prior notice, or even a PO based shipment without advanced ship notice (ASN), that inventory can be incorporated into inventory immediately.  Inventory is never lost.

With this level of visibility, enabling faster bulk pricing and picking for order assortments is much more efficient.  Just as easy is the ability to break down bulk shipments into discrete cases, bundles or packs. The LogFire Cloud allows businesses to focus on fulfillment at a fraction of the cost of on-premise solutions by offering them via the cloud.

All customers get all these features immediately, without having to redeploy any solutions.

About LogFire
LogFire delivers a digital fulfillment network that helps organizations of all sizes leverage the cloud to cost-effectively modernize their supply chain execution, boost fill rates and rise above competitors. Only LogFire’s innovative Warehouse and In-Store Inventory Management solutions support rapid growth with a 100 percent cloud-based offering that is nimble, responsive, scalable and Day-One ready.

Recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States, LogFire is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with offices in Chile, India, Peru and South Africa. For more information, please visit www.LogFire.com, or get the latest product and customer news from Twitter and LinkedIn.


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