TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - January 28, 2016) - Gabriella's Kitchen, a leading manufacturer of better-for-you foods, is pleased to announce that it has launched its online store with the ability to deliver all skinnypasta™ products across the United States (U.S.). The online store can be found on the Gabriella's Kitchen website,

"We're thrilled to be able to ship our skinnypasta products right to our U.S. customers' front doors," said Margot Micallef, co-founder and CEO of Gabriella's Kitchen. "Our mission is to create delicious, healthy foods that everyone can enjoy -- no matter where they live. With our new online store, everyone across the U.S. can order and enjoy our all-natural, GMO-free skinnypasta. Making healthy food choices should not be subject to geographical location."

The Gabriella's Kitchen product family includes three lines of pastas marketed under the skinnypasta™ brand: skinnypasta™ GLUTEN FREE, skinnypasta™ HIGH PROTEIN and skinnypasta™ SUPERFOOD TEFF Penne, the company's newest pasta.

skinnypasta™ SUPERFOOD TEFF Penne is the first and only fresh pasta to be made with teff, an ancient grain that's naturally gluten-free and a great source of vegan protein. Teff also contains heart-healthy minerals such as manganese, copper, iron and zinc.

"We continue to encourage all of our customers to ask their local retailers to stock skinnypasta™, if they don't already," said Micallef. "Regardless of their location, we hope our U.S. customers also enjoy the option to purchase directly from our website. We're looking forward to launching the same service for our Canadian customers soon."

In addition to online availability for customers in the U.S., skinnypasta™ products are also listed and on the shelves -- or on their way to the shelves -- of more than 1,500 stores across the U.S. and Canada.

About Gabriella's Kitchen

Italian sisters Gabriella and Margot Micallef founded the company now known as Gabriella's Kitchen to create nutritious and delicious foods that everyone could enjoy, regardless of their dietary preferences or restrictions. Naturally, they started with pasta! Using fresh, high-quality ingredients and an original artisanal Italian pasta machine, they created skinnypasta™, allowing everyone to Love Pasta Again™. In 2009, the sisters began commercializing their non-traditional pasta and, in 2015, the company was renamed Gabriella's Kitchen in honour of Margot's late sister, who remains the inspiration behind the company.

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