SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 28, 2016) - Argyle Data, the leader in native Hadoop applications for revenue threat analytics in mobile communications, and Kalostec have signed a partnership agreement to provide Argyle Data's application suite in Latin America as part of its big data analytics and security solution set. The agreement is the third in as many months, continuing Argyle Data's momentum towards rapid international expansion.

The agreement marks an important step forward in Argyle Data's international channel expansion strategy, giving the company its first foothold in Latin America. It also reflects the growing demand from Latin American mobile communications operators for solutions to fight fraud. Based in Buenos Aires, Kalostec is a big data systems integrator with close relationships to the major telecommunications operators in the region.

With more than half the population in the region now subscribing to a mobile service, the telecommunications market in Latin America continues to grow. However, the GSMA reports that operator revenue growth is forecast to slow to just 2% between 2013 and 2020 making managing the bottom line a top priority.

Central and South American mobile operators lose almost $2 billion dollars per year to fraud with subscription and dealer fraud forming almost 30% of the problem (according to the Communications Fraud Control Association's latest report). Subscription fraud, commonly known as "never-pay" or "first default" where a subscriber receives a discounted phone and does not pay the first month's fees, is an increasing problem.

"Mobile fraud and revenue threats do not respect international boundaries, and we are seeing increasing demand globally, requiring partnerships worldwide," said Vikash Varma, President and CEO at Argyle Data. "Leading mobile operators see the increasing threat of subscription, never-pay and dealer fraud and know that a new approach, with more than a simple credit check, is required.

"Leading mobile operators see modern big data approaches, using machine learning against vast quantities of information in a data lake, as the way to detect never-pay and dealer fraud and also protect their network and subscribers from increasingly sophisticated attacks. We are very pleased to work with Kalostec to bring this state-of-the-art approach to mobile operators in Latin America."

"Today's businesses urgently need solutions that allow them to make strategic use of massive amounts of data, especially in the area of fraud detection and prevention," said Sergio Penas, CEO at Kalostec. "With their focus on big data and analytics, and native Hadoop technology, Argyle Data's application for threat analytics is highly relevant to our mobile communications customers and will form a key element of our big data solutions portfolio."

About Kalostec
Kalostec provides big data analytics, virtualization, storage and security consulting services to corporations in the Latin America market.

About Argyle Data
Argyle Data is used by the world's leading mobile operators to detect the fraud, profit, and SLA threats that cost the industry $38 billion per year. Argyle Data's industry leading native Hadoop application suite uses the latest Hadoop and machine learning technologies, proven at Facebook and Google, to identify the revenue threats and attack patterns being waged against mobile networks in real time.

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