LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Jan. 28, 2016) - FUJIFILM's Amulet Innovality system is best encapsulated by the two words that make up its name: Innovation and Quality. The groundbreaking technology is the result of FUJIFILM's strong commitment to women's healthcare - which has spurred the Japanese corporation to develop and release three consecutive products in less than four years.

The unique acquisition technology in the Amulet Innovality makes it one of the most innovative digital mammography units on the market. The use of proprietary detector technology has resulted in a system capable of impressive productivity, all while providing images of outstanding diagnostic quality. This new FUJIFILM system excels in terms of spatial resolution and dose reduction for conventional 2D imaging and digital breast tomosynthesis procedures alike. It is the only system today that has dedicated 3D acquisition protocols specifically designed to meet the individualised needs of breast screening, routine and diagnostic mammography. This unique approach to tomosynthesis imaging makes it possible for each clinician to customise the nature of the 3D examination to best fit the task at hand.

The Amulet Innovality also deploys advanced applications developed to meet the ever-growing expectations of the clinical community. Dedicated image processing techniques, such as synthetic 2D image reconstruction, have been combined with incredibly flexible and efficient clinical tools to improve diagnostic accuracy and patient comfort. This same focus on diagnostic accuracy and patient comfort is carried through to biopsy procedures, where options such as 3D needle targeting and a side-on approach allow fast and accurate sampling of each doubtful finding, no matter its position in the breast.

Each detail of the Amulet Innovality mammography system has been designed to ensure women undertaking this anxiety-inducing exam suffer as little discomfort as possible; with the ultimate goal to provide a positive patient experience while still providing the most accurate clinical result. Thanks to many years of research and development, pushed by a strong commitment to women's healthcare, FUJIFILM is bringing innovation, image quality, patient care and diagnostic accuracy to a new level.

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