CAMBRIDGE, ON--(Marketwired - Jan 28, 2016) - Amazonica Corp. (OTC PINK: AMZZ) is pleased to report on the year-end 2015.

Corporate Developments

Management is pleased to report on September 15th, 2015 Amazonica's preferred shares were acquired by Converde Inc., a privately held corporation located in Cambridge, Ontario Canada. A description of the transaction can be located in the company's 8K filed on September 22, 2015.

About Converde Inc.

Converde Inc. has designed technologies that overcome the deficiencies and difficulties presently used by the energy and fuel refinery industry and other various industries. The advantages of the Corporation's technologies are small scale, cost efficient, fast deployable systems; low cost conversion of solid, liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons to clean liquid fuels from carbon based waste-streams (biomass, sludge, plastics, tires, MSW, coal discards), The Corporation has placed a strong emphasis on the development of their "carbon water fuels" as well as "carbon oil fuels" for the synthetic replacement of heavy fuels oils with a low emission, ultra low sulfur, ultra low ash product.

Management is excited to combine the resources of Converde Canada with the technology of the Company as Converde Canada has established operations and projects that can integrate the Company's technologies into existing lines of business. Although the Amazonica Corp. was successful in continuing development of hydrogen production products, it did not have the resources to commercialize or market the products.

Corporate Actions

After the successful purchase of the company, Management began rebranding the company and has integrated the Xfuel's brand into the company. The new name of the company is Xfuels Inc. and new company website is The company also requested a new symbol as well and is awaiting approval of the symbol.

Technology Development

During 2015 Amazonica Corp has successfully completed "Production of Pure Hydrogen from Combustion of Hydrocarbons" research project. The 2-year project was funded by the Company focused on the research undertaken by the world-renowned scientists at the Kharkiv Institute of Physics & Technology of the Ukrainian National Science Center. The Washington DC based CRDF Global, an independent nonprofit organization that promotes international scientific and technical collaboration through grants, technical resources, training and services, facilitated receipt of various government approvals, flow of funds and smooth interactions with the scientific team.

The $200,000 project was successfully completed on September 30, 2015. The Company is currently negotiating project extensions that will focus on integrating newly developed proprietary hydrogen generating technology into its systems for use in various commercial applications. The patent-pending technology is able to produce hydrogen at a greater than 99.999% purity level. The Company has filed one utility patent application for the hydrogen generating technology and one provisional patent application for the hydrogen accumulating and compressing device. The finished system will combine both technologies into one complete and efficient pure hydrogen-generating unit, extracting hydrogen from the flame of hydrocarbon combustion.

The company will now integrate the technology into Converde Inc.'s boiler burner system with the intent to produce steam-generated electricity while producing hydrogen for market as well as the company's gas to liquid systems.


It is the intent of the corporation to cross develop and market the technologies developed by Converde Inc. and Xfuels (formerly Amazonica Corp.) and market these systems throughout the US and Latin America. The company has several projects coming to fruition in 2016 and will update the shareholders once the projects mature.

About Xfuels Inc.

XFuels, The Clean Petroleum & Power Company, is a publicly held energy company based in Portland, Oregon USA, established to design, build, and operate regionally-integrated, small-to-midcap electricity and petroleum production facilities. XFuels is a leader in carbon-neutral energy solutions, as well as providing water and food technologies specifically designed to improve life on our planet.

The company's (patented and patent-pending) IP delivers one of the highest energy yields (electricity at sub-5 cents per kWh, and diesel fuel profitable at $25 a barrel oil without government subsidies), from a broad range of carbon-bearing inputs (forestry, agricultural, and urban waste including municipal solid waste and plastics), with one of the lowest capital expenditures of any known energy production method. Literally, Garbage-To-Gas.

XFuels offers a range of low cost attractive modular systems via its hydrocarbon bio refinery platform (the XRefinery), which produce low cost electricity and advanced petroleum-equivalent fuels and chemicals in partnership with select small to mid-size industrial energy users ( in target markets.

Clean Petroleum chemicals and fuels have the same molecular composition as traditional petroleum, offer premium performance with NEAR-ZERO environmental footprint, and face very few hurdles to full market penetration in today's existing petroleum vehicle fleet and distribution infrastructure.

For more information on Xfuels Inc. please see

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