WINDSOR, CT--(Marketwired - January 28, 2016) -®, a leading retailer of European auto parts online, announced the release of their free eEuroparts mobile app, available on both iPhone and Android devices. The eEuroparts app beautifully scales the desktop version of to a simple, functional mobile interface that includes an exciting additional feature exclusive to the app: a VIN scanner.

The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) scanner uses the phone's camera to analyze the barcode found above or below the 17-digit VIN. Once the scanner identifies the car's year, make, model and engine code, the app automatically sets the user's vehicle information. This vehicle information ensures that search results will be filtered to include only those parts that fit the user's exact automobile. The user can then easily search for their specific car parts by part number, keyword or category, and see every relevant result. Adding an item to the cart requires only a single tap from the part-detail page, and viewing the cart is only an additional tap away.® President and CEO Matt Moran is excited by the potential the VIN scanner has to make using the eEuroparts app easier. "We have well over 75,000 parts in our catalog, so unless our customers know the exact part number they're looking for, it's imperative they set their vehicle information to get accurate results. The VIN scanner works faster than manually typing out 17 digits and it removes any possibility of a mistype. It takes less than 10 seconds to start searching parts that are guaranteed to fit your vehicle."® takes that guarantee seriously, offering completely free returns and a full refund for any parts that are assigned to the wrong vehicles. They manually verify fitment -- the industry term for every vehicle assigned to a particular part -- for every item they sell.

The eEuroparts app succeeds in providing a smooth, easy experience on any iPhone or Android smartphone. The app includes large navigational buttons in the header of every page, but users will find they hardly have to use them, as the in-app navigation is very intuitive. Tap the big search field near the top to browse by SKU, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) number, or keyword. Users can enter vehicle information by manually entering a VIN; selecting the year, make, model and engine from a series of dropdown menus; or by simply tapping the large "Scan VIN" button that appears at the bottom of the app until the user sets their vehicle. Using the VIN scanner is the easiest and fastest option of the three, but if the user is not near their car, the traditional Vehicle Selector tool is an excellent substitute to quickly find the right car parts. The app also remembers the vehicle that was last set, so users don't have to re-scan or re-enter their vehicle data every time they open the app.

This new auto parts app is well designed and intuitive enough to be a required download for anyone who owns a European vehicle, but the VIN scanner really sets it apart from other apps in the automotive category.

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