CINCINNATI, OH--(Marketwired - Feb 1, 2016) - From the team that created the runaway success of the Lukla Endeavor aerogel-insulated jacket a year ago comes a new and improved collection of high performance winter gear incorporating an even thinner and lighter version of its proprietary formulation of the spacesuit insulator. The new jacket, gloves, beanie and pants being launched by Oros (formerly Lukla) utilize SolarCore aerogel as insulation which allows the performance apparel to be incredibly warm, thin, lightweight and comfortable and brings space age technology to winter outerwear.

Aerogel, a space age material used by NASA, is an extremely lightweight material that is actually 90-percent air and is the lowest thermal conductor on the planet. This low conductive property is what makes it an ideal insulation for insulating space suits, the space shuttle tiles and the Mars Rover and industry uses it to blanket oil pipelines.

SolarCore aerogel insulating the Oros apparel allows for very lightweight and thin (only 3MM) jackets which deliver high comfort in a low-profile, so you can perform outdoors under any conditions without restricting movements. With an equivalent warmth of 40MM of goose down, jackets will have a bulky and puffy silhouette as goose down and other thermal-filled jackets require 'loft' to maintain their warmth and insulating qualities.

"Oros performance apparel brings something completely different to the game of outerwear and insulation and that is our SolarCore aerogel," said Michael Markesbery, founder, Oros. "Aerogel is an amazing insulator; it has to be since NASA uses it in outer space where the temperature is only 2 degrees above absolute zero. We did incredibly well with our first line of jackets a year ago and now with the second generation, we have improved the aerogel to make the jackets even lighter and thinner and have added gloves, beanies and snowpants to our line so Oros can be the go-to performance apparel for your winter adventures and passions. The new line of clothes gives you complete flexibility and comfort, a slim profile, are very lightweight and great looking so they are perfect for everything you want to do in the cold."

The new Oros gear has been battle tested from mountains in Nepal to being blasted with liquid nitrogen (-321 degrees F) with no one getting too hot or too cold, thanks to the perfect formulation of SolarCore aerogel. And the jacket allows you to stay comfortable even if it warms up, due to its design and breathability.

Unique Oros Performance Gear Features

  • Oros jacket weighs only 40 ounces (2.5 lbs and 38% lighter than the first generation jacket) and is lighter than similar high end thermal ski jackets
  • Oros jacket uses very lightweight outer fabric which is waterproof, windproof, includes a removable hood and some surprises
  • New Oros gloves incorporate SolarCore aerogel and have special technology which allows them to be self-heating without batteries
  • Oros beanies are knitted and insulated with SolarCore aerogel; the company plans to continue adding to its smart line of high-tech, aerogel performance gear, including pants

"Whether you plan to climb Mt. Everest, go skiing, winter camping or just want to be warmer when you relax at the ski lodge patio, our Oros performance apparel is going to change the way you experience the outdoors," continued Markesbery.

The Oros jacket, gloves and beanie are available starting February 1 on Kickstarter where the company has set a $310,000 but the founders are out to raise $1 million. Visit:

About Oros
Oros is a performance apparel company with a goal of helping people perform better, explore better and enjoy the outdoors more comfortably. Founded by college friends, the team has combined a love of science with love of adventure to create performance apparel for the 21st century. With outdoor clothing incorporating proprietary SolarCore aerogel, the Oros apparel is extremely thin, lightweight, comfortable yet keeps you warm down to the coldest recorded temperatures. For more information, visit

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