EASTON, PA--(Marketwired - February 01, 2016) - Nothing brings a smile to the face of a cigar smoker faster than meeting another cigar smoker by chance -- a moment that almost always results in an immediate bond. And that same feeling of comradery is present when it comes to sharing cigars with friends. In his recent CigarAdvisor.com article on the subject, Gary Korb takes a look at five ways this popular practice takes place between brothers and sisters of the leaf.

"'Share and share alike' is conventional dogma among many dedicated cigar smokers who engage in sharing cigars; not out of any particular obligation, but often for the sheer satisfaction of seeing another cigar smoker take pleasure in something they already enjoy themselves," writes Mr. Korb, who lists the following cigar sharing methods: the "Trade," the "Herf," the "Bomb," the "Cigar Pass," and the "Treat."

Among the sharing methods noted in the article, the Herf is probably the most well-known, but it's the Cigar Pass that may be the most intriguing. The Pass has a "pay it forward" component to it, whereby members of a cigar forum get to trade and sample cigars from each other's collections. Initiated by a "host" who has invited the members to participate, he ships a box of mixed cigars from his (or her) collection to the first member in the list. That person takes a few cigars from the box, replaces them with an equal amount from their collection, then ships the cigars off to the next member on the list, and so on, until the box of cigars is returned to the host.

"The pass usually has a theme to it, like sharing only Arturo Fuente cigars, or only maduro cigars, etc.," added Korb, who notes that there are also a number of rules the members must follow, and therefore, he suggests that cigar smokers interested in the Pass visit CigarPass.com, a website devoted entirely to this form of cigar sharing.

Whether you use the term, "sharing" or "trading," sharing cigars is most often practiced between friends, but as evidenced by the Cigar Pass above, it's not necessarily exclusive to someone you know personally. However, trades almost always consist of cigars that you're willing to trade from your private stash and vice versa.

Korb also writes that, "Although there's no steadfast rule, trades also tend to be for cigars of similar 'value,' which can be a dollar amount or simply the level of desire between the parties."

Whatever method of sharing cigars that cigar smokers choose, the goal is always the same: giving friends the opportunity to try new cigars, rare cigars, or cigars with which they are unfamiliar.

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