NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Feb 1, 2016) - With Valentine's Day around the corner, programmatic advertising company Varick Media Management has announced the release of a limited time package to reach retail brands' audiences in time for the holiday. According to eMarketer, the US consumer spent an average of $142.31 on Valentine's Day gifts in 2015, making the holiday a major selling opportunity for retail brands. To take the guesswork out of creating efficient strategies, Varick uses past purchases and shopping behaviors to create targeting segments and serve the right ad to Valentine's Day shoppers wherever they may be.

With Varick's Valentine's Day package, campaigns are customized so that retail brands across the board can achieve their individual campaign goals whether the goal is to drive sales, in-store visits or raise brand awareness. The package includes a full suite of targeting capabilities to zero in on potential customers in various places across the Internet along with access to an array of media channels and inventory. Clients can expect:

  • Data driven audience buying to reach potential shoppers who have shown interest in making purchases for Valentine's Day
  • Targeted Facebook ads to users who openly share their relationship statuses on the platform with friends and family
  • Contextual targeting to consumers searching the web using keywords related to Valentine's Day such as "gift ideas," "anniversary presents" and "boyfriend" or "girlfriend"
  • Site retargeting to reach potential customers who may be interested in purchasing a specific brand's products but haven't yet done so

"Valentine's Day is a great opportunity for retail brands to make a splash in front of potential customers," said Jona Mici, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Varick. "Rather than having brands wait for the consumer to come to them, our limited time package capitalizes on our targeting capabilities to pinpoint their audience and place the brands' ads in front of them."

About Varick Media Management
Varick Media Management is a programmatic advertising company servicing brands and agencies with proprietary campaign management software, Alveo. This platform enables marketers to build data-driven creative assets, buy across multiple inventory and data sources, and measure campaign performance through a single interface. Varick's service rests on three pillars for programmatic success: a world-class technology platform, transparency into all aspects of campaign deployment and optimization, and a full-service trading practice that leverages data science to drive campaign results.

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