SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 2, 2016) - Coding Dojo today announced that a new app for Netflix viewers with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has been developed at its bootcamp. Feerless pre-emptively notifies people of potential images or scenes that may cause PTSD triggers when watching Netflix.

The concept of Feerless is simple: anyone with the app can add a warning for images or scenes in a Netflix movie or TV show that might be considered a trigger for those suffering from PTSD. For example, warning victims of sexual assault that there's a scene coming up with domestic violence. Netflix users with the app will get warnings on their screen before the flagged scenes, and can then make the decision to continue watching or view something safer.

"Shows are trying harder than ever to add more shock value, which is entertaining -- unless you have PTSD," said Danielle Leong, creator of Feerless. "One of the biggest dangers of living with PTSD is not knowing when a trigger can happen. Being caught unaware can make symptoms worse, particularly if a person is not prepared to handle strong emotions."

Leong created the crowd-sourced app during a 4-week Dev Accelerator program at Coding Dojo's Silicon Valley campus in San Jose, Calif. Leong is a PTSD sufferer herself who lives in Oakland, Calif., and experienced a severe episode of panic and emotional distress after watching a scene with sexual assault in the popular Netflix series, "Sons of Anarchy."

While PTSD is commonly associated with war veterans, it can result from a variety of traumatic incidents such as child abuse, a car accident, assault or a natural disaster.

"Danielle came to Coding Dojo with Feerless as an idea and I'm glad that we could help her make that a reality," said Coding Dojo CEO Richard Wang. "While Coding Dojo is meant to help people realize their potential professionally, it's rewarding to see that learning to code or enhancing coding skills can also help make the world a better place."

Feerless is currently in beta trial and will initially be available as a Google Chrome extension, meaning people viewing Netflix on Google Chrome can be alerted to PTSD triggers. Leong plans to make the Feerless app available across a variety of live-streaming platforms, and expand it to meet the needs of other audiences, such as parents who want to notify other parents of potentially inappropriate content for children.

For now, interested users can download a beta version of Feerless at

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