TROY, OH--(Marketwired - Feb 2, 2016) -  AMETEK Prestolite Power, a leading supplier of industrial battery chargers and fleet management solutions, has introduced Auto Range Curve, a dynamic software option for customers of its Eclipse II charger. Developed for conventional charging applications that use a diverse set of batteries and cell counts, the Auto Range Curve option has the ability to accept a minimum and a maximum amp hour capacity per cell size as needed by an application, adding a level of convenience and efficiency when it is most critical.

With the ability to leverage user-entered settings with Auto Range Curve, the charger evaluates the battery's response to charge current and properly adjusts the curve throughout the charge cycle. The charger also reduces or eliminates over- and under-current conditions that are possible when exact battery capacity is not available. With the addition of the user range and AMETEK Prestolite Power's proprietary Auto Range Curve algorithm, the charger reduces maximum charging temperature and returns to the proper specific gravity.

"AMETEK Prestolite Power has always sought to provide its customers with solutions that help them maximize productivity and eliminate down time in their environments, especially for those applications that can't be closely monitored," comments Jim Lichtenberg, Business Manager for AMETEK Prestolite Power. "The Auto Range Curve feature for the Eclipse II is designed to help customers who need a custom charging solution for environments that require a greater degree of flexibility for a particular application."

When a company has a large number of batteries and chargers that change continually, such as a rental fleet, it becomes challenging to anticipate what size battery gets matched with what charger in all applications, making it difficult to maximize charge time and return to the proper specific gravity. With the Auto Range Curve option, fleet managers will not have to keep "hard setting" the charger for each application as frequently.

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