Robert Nash Launches “Nash Holdings Philanthropy Program” for Businesses, Charities

Baldwinsville, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Feb. 04, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- “Nash Holdings Philanthropy Program” – under Nash Holdings, Inc. (NHI), a New York Company, announced their program launch, available worldwide.

About “NHI Philanthropy Program”:

Nash Holdings, Inc. – (NHI) is a partner of a leading worldwide foundation which is assisting the world with humanity and business in very unique and heartfelt ways.  NHI is based in New York State and is a perfect example of why this group is generously changing lives daily around the world.

Our mission is to assist in making the world a more humane, greener, healthier, and more peaceful place to live and also conduct business by creating job opportunities with upward growth advancement for all who dedicate themselves to business, with NHI as the example.  NHI is a promoter of corporate social responsibility, philanthropy and needs of the world,” stated Robert Nash, President of Nash Holdings, Inc.

This opportunity may only be available for a limited time to qualified business owners, non-profits or related persons that have the financial capability with at least $250k USD working capital and with the promise to use their grant awarded funds for job creation and humanitarian related social causes.  This program and the foundation’s process for creating these grants of capital with the foundation’s capabilities, are fully transparent and following all required regulations of the largest worldwide banks, U.S. Bank Reserve, U.S. Department of Treasury and world leading governments to mention a few.  The program grant amounts are from $1 to $50 million USD availability.

About Nash Holdings:  NHI's business model and foundation is in commercial real estate development with food, beverage, hospitality and entertainment.  In 2015, Nash Holdings has acquired partnerships in Europe for many advanced technologies, bio medical, scientific advancements. “Nash Holdings” is one of the “first national companies” to participate in the “U.S. Congressional Federal JOBS ACT” and “Regulation D, 506C General Solicitation” filing with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission.  Nash Holdings was a 2014, 2015 and current 2016 “Featured Gold Company Member” with the Corporate Responsibility Association (CRA) and its Annual Commit!Forum events, predominately Fortune 500 CEO/Executives, held partially in the past, at the NYSE EURONEXT including “Closing Bell Ceremonies” a couple times each year.  Nash has been a Corporate CRA Member who joined in 2011.

Nash Holdings, Inc.  –  Forward Looking Statement:  www.Nash.Holdings/forwardlooking

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