Additional Details Regarding WHAM INC. Collection of Jeffrey Epstein's Billions for the Towers Investor Victims

Lockport, Illinois, UNITED STATES

LOCKPORT, Ill. , Feb. 08, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WHAM INC. (OTC:WFMC) details in the collection regarding the binding agreement with the New York Post Publishing Inc., (NYPP) and Towers Investors CEO Steven Hoffenberg took place on February 2nd, 2016 for the Billion Dollar Jeffrey Epstein collection contract and for the Towers Investor Businesses.

Q: What did WHAM INC. acquire for the takeover of Towers Investors?
A: WHAM INC. acquired one hundred (100%) percent of stock and/or all interests owned by NYPP which includes the Tower Inc., Post Publishing.BUZZ Trade Mark Operations, Public Speaking, Christ Credit and Debit Cards Operations and the Trademarks Christ and Christ Faith, and Hoff Online TV Operations and Trademarks.

Q: In the Agreement did WHAM INC. acquire the Billions of Dollars in the Jeffrey Epstein Contract with the Towers Investor Victims?
A: Yes WHAM INC. did acquire the collection contract in the billions of dollars for the Towers Investor Victims, which shall be converted into a preferred class of stock of WHAM INC. and, subject to each investor's consent and the exchange offered to be approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Q: How did Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein make his fortune?
A: Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein made his fortune working at Towers Investors whereby WHAM INC. has now taken over. This includes all Towers Investors businesses and the Billion Dollar Contract, which is being collected by WHAM INC. for the Tower Investor Victims.

Q: What does Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein own?
A: Jeffrey Epstein owns Financial Trust Corporation operating out of Saint Thomas where he spends most of his time these days in addition to owning tremendous amounts of real estate holdings around the world.

Q: Is Towers Investors CEO Steven Hoffenberg now part of the WHAM INC. team?
A: Yes. CEO Steven Hoffenberg is now apart of the WHAM INC. team who is running the five companies purchased by WHAM INC. last week. Mr. Hoffenberg was the best friend and former partner of the multi billionaire Jeffrey Epstein whereby WHAM INC. now owns the collection contract for the billions of dollars due by Epstein.

Q: Where can investors find the Steven Hoffenberg/Jeffrey Epstein details, which helps explain the complex history in the Billions of Dollars held by Jeffrey Epstein in Financial Trust Corporation located in Saint Thomas?
A: At Towers, Post Publishing.BUZZ and online Google articles Hoffenberg and Epstein,

Q: Does Jeffrey Epstein have to pay back the Billion of Dollars of debt owed to the Tower Investor victims under the complex WHAM INC. takeover, which was signed last week?
A: Yes!

Q: Who officially owns the contract to collect the Billions of Dollars due from Jeffrey Epstein and the Tower Investor Businesses?
A: On February 2nd WHAM INC. became the official owner of the Tower Investor Business and of the collection contract regarding Jeffrey Epstein who made his billions of dollars working at Tower Investors.

Any questions regarding Epstein’s billions please contact Chairman/CEO Theodore Fotsis at (312) 780-0238 or email Towers Investors CEO Steve Hoffenberg at

To view last week's announcement and the new binding agreement please click here:

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