Vital Launches Unique Zero-Cost Data Migration Imaging Service

Non-Disruptive, Accountable Care Ready, Service Offering

Minnetonka, Minnesota, UNITED STATES

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 08, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vital Images, Inc. (Vital), a Minneapolis-based advanced medical imaging and informatics company, launch a zero-cost data migration service to the global marketplace. The company’s zero-cost data migration service will be one of several new offerings featured at HIMSS (booth 732), February 29 – March 4, 2016 in Las Vegas, NV. While Vital continues to lead the world in advanced visualization and personalized medicine algorithms, 2016 heralds an increased focus on enterprise informatics solutions and services. Vital is committed to bringing the vision and strategy behind advanced algorithm ingenuity into informatics; targeting informatics, accountable care, collaborative care, integrating multiple EMR, HIE, VNA, PACS, ECM and more. As with the recently announced second generation VNA On-Demand solution, the zero-cost data migration service sets forth a next generation revolution in the data migration marketplace. These solutions and services provide integration benefits across the board, from healthcare providers and their technologists to EMR, PACS and other enterprise software vendors.    

Vital’s zero-cost data migration service eliminates the data migration per terabyte fee, using an intelligent background data migration process. This sets forth a new approach to the historically complex process and delivers a next generation data migration service offering. This service has been built based on customer feedback and lessons learned in first generation data migration platforms. This next generation platform, allows chief information officers and their associated technology teams, to remove the per Terabyte cost of data migration, by deploying this background automated data migration process. This game-changing concept provides much needed relief for many long suffering first generation data migration recipients.

“We are excited to launch a zero-cost data migration service to the global marketplace. Based on direct customer feedback, this new background data migration service is once again in lockstep with our customer centered product requirements ethos. Our zero-cost data migration service is an immediate non-disruptive service, truly changing the face of this realm. From an enterprise informatics services perspective at Vital, this is a simple, logical and powerful tool for modern healthcare environments. It is yet another step in our vision to provide unique customer centered services in enterprise interoperability; patient engagement; secure access to the patient’s complete health record and in lockstep with the Accountable Care environment,” said president and CEO at Vital, Jim Litterer.

“After decades in the enterprise imaging marketplace, the launching of our zero-cost data migration service is a proud moment. Customers we have worked with are elated at the concept of avoiding a costly data migration in line with other next generation enterprise informatics services we will be releasing this year. Simplicity is mandatory for technology providers, in a marketplace steeped in growing government regulations, pressure on shared saving programs, increased focus on chronic disease management, bundled payments, Accountable Care Organizations and the Patient Privacy Accountable Care Act (PPACA),” said General Manager of Enterprise Informatics, Vital, Scott Galbari.

About Vital Images, Inc.
Vital Images, Inc., a Toshiba Group Company, is a leading provider of health imaging diagnostic, management and imaging intelligence services, to help healthcare organizations deliver exceptional care while optimizing resources across multi-facility organizations. The company's services are scalable to meet the unique needs of hospitals and imaging centers and are accessible throughout the enterprise anytime and anywhere. For more information, visit or join the conversation on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.


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