LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - February 11, 2016) - Creative Negotiating has released Negotiating on Thin Ice: The Zamboni Game, a free, online negotiating game.

Negotiation skills are essential in business and in life, but they are not easy to come by. This engaging new game from Mobus Creative Negotiating helps people develop skills through risk-free practice and learn important negotiating lessons along the way. 

Included on the game's webpage are videos that serve as a mini-course and introduction to strategies and tactics of negotiation. 

The player's task is to help Wade, who has a serious problem. If he can't purchase a high-end Zamboni ice-resurfacing machine, his arena will lose the contract to host the Lubbock Leapin' Lizards hockey team. Wade used his life savings to buy the arena; without the team's contract, he'll be ruined. He's about to meet with the owner of a mint-condition Zamboni. The problem is that Wade can't afford the asking price. 

By playing and replaying a simulated negotiation, the player can see how different choices lead to different results. A creative negotiator can win the game by helping Wade cut a deal and save his season.

"Over the years, I've taught thousands of business executives to be better negotiators," said Frank Mobus, CEO. "Many people have difficulty with negotiating, which is all about navigating conflict. But in Negotiating on Thin Ice: The Zamboni Game, there's no need for anxiety. People can dive right in and try different things. And as they do, they'll learn just by playing." 

Mobus's mission is to help people become better negotiators. "It's a valuable life skill," he said. "We all do it many times a day, in business and in our personal lives. So why not try to learn how to do it better?" 

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Mobus Creative Negotiating is a corporate negotiation training company that matches more than 30 years of training seminar experience with the latest educational and communication techniques. The mission of Mobus Creative Negotiating is to help people find more profitable outcomes in deals large and small. Mobus can improve skills in gauging the other party's pressures and needs--in transforming a transaction into a strategic relationship. For more valuable tips and insights into the art of negotiation, and to learn about their full suite of negotiation training solutions and Creative Negotiating seminars, visit Mobus at http://www.mobusinc.com

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