SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 11, 2016) - Today, Chartboost, the leading marketplace for mobile games to find new players and make more money, announced the acquisition of Roostr, the biggest marketplace for gaming influencers to connect directly with mobile game developers. With the acquisition, Chartboost will offer game developers a completely new way to reach new players. At the same time, Roostr will benefit from incredible access to the top mobile games -- increasing game choices for influencers and enabling them to find the perfect fit for their audiences.

"At Chartboost, we're focused on helping game developers make their great games into a great business," said Maria Alegre, CEO, Chartboost. "Meanwhile, Roostr has focused on allowing gaming influencers to monetize their great content in a natural way. By joining forces, Chartboost developers get access to an entirely new way to reach the audiences they want, and Roostr influencers get access to an ever larger game library."

Roostr connects gaming influencers with game developers, allowing content creators to be paid for driving new players to their sponsored videos. This new way of making money with direct gaming sponsorships has become a strong alternative to the declining CPM's of recent years. Through Roostr, content creators are able to choose and create content to best fit their audience and can make a living by playing a game they would already play for free. Technology makes this process easy and transparent: both game developers and influencers have tools to track impressions, clicks and game installs in real time. Roostr also manages and processes payments directly, solving a major pain point for both developers and creators.

"With Chartboost, we will be able to give creators access to the top games, technology and methods to continually grow their channels and make a living, while letting them focus on what matters most to them -- creating great gaming content," said Marco Mereu, Founder and CEO of Roostr.

Content creators and developers alike will benefit from the new toolset offered by the combined companies:

  • Nick Neri, known for his popular YouTube channel, NickAtNyte, said, "Working with companies like Roostr helps add structure to the chaos of dealing with companies individually, while helping me diversify the content I am posting to my channel."
  • "With Roostr, we've connected with content creators to reach new, engaged, high-quality players. For a long time, we've also leveraged Chartboost's transparent marketplace to execute on our player acquisition strategy. Chartboost and Roostr are a great combination and we don't hesitate to recommend them to every game developer wanting to grow their business," said Neal Vickers, User Acquisition Manager at Big Fish Games.

About Chartboost. Chartboost is the biggest marketplace for mobile games to make more money and find more players. Chartboost works with over 300,000 games in over 150 countries reaching over 1 Billion players every month that play more than 40 Billion game sessions. The company has offices in San Francisco (HQ), Amsterdam and Tokyo. They've raised $21M from Sequoia and other investors.

About Roostr. Roostr is the first marketplace for gaming influencers to connect with mobile game developers. The Roostr team is passionate about great games and strongly believes that there's a better way to introduce new players to games through player-generated content. Roostr is based in Boston (HQ) and San Francisco.