Beat Weight Gain Over 40 with Diet Doc's Powerful Medical Weight Loss Plans

To help patients over the age of 40 balance hormones and lose weight, Diet Doc has introduced powerful medical weight loss plans, available nationwide.


PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Among the many other effects of aging is one's ability to lose weight or remain thin over 40. Most people over the age of 40 will begin steadily gaining weight, at a rate of 10 pounds per decade. As people age, their hormones and metabolism begin to naturally wane. Because hormones play such an important role in the body's ability to lose weight, a great solution to weight gain over 40 is addressing the body's hormones. To help patients over the age of 40 balance hormones and lose weight, Diet Doc has introduced powerful medical weight loss plans, available nationwide.

The body's hormones which are most responsible for weight gain over 40 are estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. In order to combat weight gain over 40, Diet Doc has developed potent prescription hormone therapy for weight loss, paring powerful hormone treatments with doctor deigned and supervised medical weight loss plans.

As one of the most successful medically supervised weight loss providers in the nation, Diet Doc now offers diet plans individually tailored for those trying to halt weight gain over 40. Diet Doc creates simple individualized hormone diet plans for women over the age of 40 intended to restore a healthy weight, balance natural hormone levels, and reduce the risk of contracting weight related diseases.

Not only is weight gain over 40 a cosmetic concern, this phenomenon can also cause serious health risks ranging from internal organ harm to joint and muscle pain from carrying excess body weight.

Patients begin by contacting Diet Doc via the company's toll free telephone number. A representative will schedule an in-home doctor consultation with one of the company's licensed doctors. This consultation is conducted from the comfort of the patient's own home via Skype or telephone.

During this in-home evaluation, the Diet Doc doctor will evaluate the patient for underlying causes of weight gain, including natural weight gain over 40. The company offers in-home testing for hormonal imbalance, and even hormone therapy options.

Most will benefit from Diet Doc's medically supervised weight loss plans, which use prescription hormone treatments for weight loss to halt wait gain over 40 and work to restore the body's hormone's to healthy levels.

Diet Doc's approach to weight gain over 40 is simple:

  1. Identify the factors that are either causing weight gain over 40 or hindering weight loss and replace them with new, healthy habits.
  2. Utilize Diet Doc physicians to prescribe powerful diet aids and treatments, combining nutrition and medication into a single comprehensive diet plan, individualized for each patient.

Diet Doc works to halt weight gain over 40 with daily doses of pharmaceutical-grade medication that is known to reset the hypothalamus gland which functions to not only regulate hormone secretion but is also responsible for sending signals that indicate hunger or satiety, a feeling of fullness. By correcting this master gland, as it is known, a number of symptoms that are associated with hormonal changes have a better chance at being corrected.

Those looking to lose weight, or simply learn more about Diet Doc's unique approach to weight loss are encouraged to contact the company today and schedule a free doctor consultation.
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