AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - February 15, 2016) - Stratfor welcomes award-winning journalist and documentary film director Anisa Mehdi as the newest member of the global intelligence and advisory firm's editorial board. Augmenting Stratfor's industry-leading strategic analysis, the board provides additional insights from individual leaders in their fields to help subscribers better understand developing trends and issues around the globe.

"Anisa offers Stratfor readers a unique perspective from a lifetime championing conflict resolution and understanding in the Middle East," said Stratfor Editor-in-Chief David Judson. "The scope of her work on both the region and Muslim cultures continues to build bridges and raise awareness of how those issues shape global politics."

In 1998, Mehdi became the first American to report the annual hajj pilgrimage for broadcast, producing a three-part series for PBS. In 2003, she produced and directed "Inside Mecca," a documentary for National Geographic. Over the last 25 years, The New York Times, CBS, ABC, National Public Radio and the Huffington Post have featured Mehdi's pioneering work. She's also a Fulbright scholar, Emmy Award-winning program host and participant in the U.S. Department of State's Religion and Foreign Policy working Group.

"I believe it's vital that we strive not just to understand the events of the day, but also comprehend how history, cultural influences and geopolitical forces have brought us to this point," said Mehdi. "That's especially important for a journalist who is Muslim American. I look forward to working with Stratfor to bring those underlying issues to light."

Stratfor recently featured Mehdi's latest column, "How the Media Marginalizes Muslims," exploring the media's role in maintaining an unsympathetic view of Islam and Muslims in America. Previous contributions include "Taking Back Islam's Holy Sites," which looked at growing tension between the absolute control that Saudi Arabia has over the holy sites and the pilgrims that go to Mecca.

Mehdi earned her Masters in Journalism from Columbia University and Bachelor of Arts from Wellesley College. She currently teaches documentary film at Seton Hall University, volunteers with multiple organizations focused on intercultural exchange and is the president of Whetstone Productions, a boutique consulting firm committed to illuminating the larger realities of the world in which we live.

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