BLOOMINGTON, IN--(Marketwired - February 19, 2016) -  Marzano Research and Reinventing Schools (formerly Re-Inventing Schools Coalition) announced today that Reinventing Schools executive director and cofounder, Rick Schreiber, and cofounder, Wendy Battino, have resigned.

"We will continue to support competency-based education," said Schrieber and Battino in a written statement. "Much work has been done with Marzano Research in forwarding our mission and bringing this to schools across the nation. However, we also have motivation to support other sectors of education."

Schreiber and Battino's dedication and commitment to performance-based learning helped Reinventing Schools emerge as a recognized leader in competency-based education. Schreiber plans to continue his work with young adults, while Battino's focus is on building her coaching practice.

Marzano Research acquired Reinventing Schools in 2014. Prior to the acquisition, the two companies worked together for more than ten years to support school districts across the United States. Reinventing Schools will continue to operate with formal support from Marzano Research.

About Marzano Research

Marzano Research is a joint venture between Dr. Robert J. Marzano and Solution Tree. Marzano Research combines Dr. Marzano's 40 years of educational research with continuous action research in all major areas of schooling in order to provide effective and accessible instructional strategies, leadership strategies, and classroom assessment strategies that are always at the forefront of best practice.

About Reinventing Schools

The Reinventing Schools Division of Marzano Research provides an array of services to support districts, schools, and classrooms as they transition from teacher-driven, time-based education systems to learner-centered, competency-based systems.

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