LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - February 24, 2016) - Sometimes it takes an outsider to state the obvious. AMREL, the premier rugged computer supplier, built the Flexpedient® AT80 Android Tablet to be an infinitely configurable computer platform that could be customized quickly and simply. Still we were surprised when Conrad Blickenstorfer, Editor in Chief of Rugged PC review began his analysis of the AT80 tablet with the headline, "Your company, too, can be a virtual rugged tablet manufacturer with this eminently sensible, customizable, personalizable 8-inch Android device."

While AMREL saw the AT80 as a practical way to speed product development through customized off-the-shelf platforms, we hadn't really thought of it as an opportunity for white labeling rugged tablets. Now that Conrad has said it, it seems obvious. As he writes in his review:

"Does that mean it's like going on Dell's or Apple's online store and click all the options you want? Yes, but it goes beyond that. Customers -- and we're really talking enterprise and government customers here -- aren't limited to just picking a few options; they can specify very detailed configuration requests, whatever they may be, and then select from no fewer than ten different colors and add their own logo and brand to the tablet. AT80 customers, in other words, become virtual manufacturers….

"…All of this makes this AMREL tablet far more than just a tablet with a bunch of options. For customers, it's more like specifying their very own tablet, either for their own use, for resale, or for packaging with specialized software."

Conrad was impressed with the AT80's toughness ("We put the tablet through its paces in ice and snow, and it never missed a beat"), as well as its light weight and thinness (less than an inch). He also praised the quality of the back and front cameras, which is impressive to those who follow Conrad's work; one of his pet peeves is the poor quality of cameras on rugged computers.

Conrad wrote:

"When the AMREL AT80 first came into our lab, we didn't quite know what to make of it. It was just so different from AMREL's (or anyone else's) rugged tablets. But the more we examined it and used it, the more we liked it. If the AT80 were a vehicle, it'd be a Jeep. Basic, tough, sensible, indestructible. But whereas Jeeps have always been bare-bones and not terribly refined, the AT80 feels very high-tech despite its basic construction, and it operates as smoothly and responsively as any consumer smartphone or tablet."

Download AT80's datasheet from at80.amrel.com and ask about our current promotion.

The AT80 is just the latest platform that AMREL has developed for quick and easy customization. One of AMREL's mottos is "We don't just sell rugged computers. We sell rugged customized solutions." See a sample of our customized solutions at computers.amrel.com/custom-solutions. To speak to one of AMREL's Customized Solution Engineers, call 800-882-6735 or email cdinfo@amrel.com

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