TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - February 24, 2016) - A study released by the Impact Centre at the University of Toronto has shown that Canadians lag their American counterparts in their ability to persevere towards successful conclusions when trying to innovate.

"The Impact Centre is undertaking research to understand why we lag much of the developed world in our capacity to innovate," said study author and Impact Centre Senior Fellow Charles Plant.

Grit is particularly important in innovation because the time it takes to get from an idea to a product in the market is long. It is also fraught with setbacks, delays, and roadblocks that can only be overcome with grit. Nowhere is this more important than in the commercialization of science.

Major findings:

  • Americans don't get as discouraged when people tell them something is impossible.
  • Canadians give up more easily.
  • Canadians are more discouraged by bad news.

And regardless of age, employment position or gender of the respondent, the gap between attitudes in the two countries is similar. Americans just have more grit, a greater ability to persevere and be successful at innovating.

Whether this is why Canada lags much of the rest of the developed world at innovation and why we have trouble scaling companies is yet to be determined. More research is needed in this area to tie attitudes to successful innovation.

Read the full 13-page report:

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