BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - February 24, 2016) - It's an annual tradition like no other. Starting next week, hundreds of thousands of students and young adults will begin to descend on the beaches of Florida, Texas, even the Bahamas for a week of warm weather and fun. At the heart of the experience are travel packages that roll up where to stay and what to do in one fun, affordable and well-planned package for groups of friends. For more than 20 years, StudentCity has been organizing Spring Break getaways and, this year, is teaming with Beam to create custom, interactive maps that will change how everyone communicates on Spring Break. 

Spring Break is a week-long, event-laden vacation with a mix of new and old friends all trying to find each other and the next fun activity in a swarm of people and places. This year, those traveling to Spring Break in Panama City Beach, Florida; South Padre Island, Texas; and Nassau, Bahamas with StudentCity will be able to use Beam to see a custom map of the area with built-in event venues and information as well as where individual friends are in the midst of the fun.

Beaming a friend is a simple, time-limited way to see each other moving in realtime on a map, if both people agree. The Beam-enabled maps for each Spring Break spot take that personalized map experience to the next level. Users have a custom view of the services and venues, even temporary ones like a beach volleyball court, that are part of the Spring Break scene paired with updates on parties, concerts and other events. Beam a friend to find out whether he is still at the concert or how long a walk it is to the bar where everyone is meeting. Let Beam tell you when the pool party starts. With Beam, students will have one simple way to keep track of who and what matters to them during the week.

"The level of excitement and camaraderie of Spring Break is a perfect place for us to unveil our Beam-enabled maps," said Suzanne Lilley, co-founder of Beam. "This partnership with StudentCity and GradCity is an opportunity to showcase how an event of this scale becomes so much more manageable and personalized for all involved with Beam. StudentCity has long delivered a legendary Spring Break experience to its customers and now all the fun will be easy to find as looking at your phone."

"We are always looking for ways to enhance the Spring Break experience of our customers," Luke Shelley, director of marketing and product development, StudentCity and GradCity. "Working with Beam is a key step to modernizing the communication at the core of Spring Break. By introducing Beam maps this year, we are throwing out the paper and welcoming an interactive, mobile-centric way for all of us to connect and share location information in realtime."

"People think of maps as fairly static, capturing the layout of a location for all to see," said Milenko Beslic, co-founder of Beam. "However, our vision is for maps that move with you through your day so they are relevant and reflect your personal view point at every moment. Our Beam-enabled maps use temporal venue and event data overlayed with geofences and beacons to make sure our users have the information and updates they need about people, places and happenings at the moment it matters."


Beam Inc. is a fast-moving company focused on bringing maps to life. Beam is about making maps smarter and more personal. The Beam app is an easy-to-use, free, private way for people to share locations for up to one hour. And Beam-enabled maps are a platform for layering in custom information to make it even easier for users to find who and what matters to them at a given time or event.

The Beam Inc. head office is located in Boston, Massachusetts, and our very dedicated team works out of the U.S., Europe and South Africa. For more information, visit

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