CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - February 24, 2016) -  Narrative Science, the leader in advanced natural language generation (Advanced NLG) for the enterprise, today announced two speaking presentations at the Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit 2016 taking place on March 13th - 16th, 2016 in Grapevine, TX. Narrative Science will showcase how Advanced NLG technology is helping to usher in a new era of BI. Data analysis, traditionally delivered in tables, charts and graphs, can now be delivered in narrative form to give business users immediate, actionable knowledge.

Gartner invited Narrative Science to present on Natural Language Generation (NLG) during the "Innovative BI in Action" session taking place on Sunday, March 13th at 3:15 PM CT. During this interactive session, Narrative Science COO Nick Beil will demonstrate Narratives for Qlik to show how the extension accelerates time to understanding and drives intelligence by delivering dynamic narratives that explain the insights within a visualization. Josh Parenteau, Gartner Research Director of Business Intelligence, will lead the discussion and host Q&A at the end of the session.

The second presentation, "Natural Language Generation: The Story in Data Storytelling," will take place on Monday, March 14th at 6 PM CT. The twenty-minute theater session, led by Narrative Science CEO Stuart Frankel, is an opportunity for attendees to learn how data storytelling with Advanced NLG offers something traditional BI tools do not -- the actual story. Stuart will also share an exclusive preview of the next generation of Quill™, the company's Advanced NLG platform that automatically transforms data into intelligent narratives.

"With the ever increasing amount of information that businesses are finding themselves expected to deal with in the Big Data age, there's never been a bigger need for tools to break down the communication barrier between humans and machines," said Bernard Marr, Big Data expert. "I confidently expect that this sort of functionality will become a standard feature of all forms of BI, analytics and visualization platforms in the near future. "

Gartner has cited NLG as a critical component to the modernization of BI. "The combination of NLG with automated pattern detection and self-service data preparation has the potential to drive the user experience of next-generation smart data discovery platforms, and expand the benefits of advanced analytics to a wider audience of business users and citizen data scientists. Moreover, context-based narration will further reinforce mobile BI use cases where screen real estate is a major information consumption impediment. It will also reduce the time and cost of creating regular operational and regulatory batch reports." (Gartner, Hype Cycle for Business and Analytics, 2015, August 4, 2015).

While at the event, visit Narrative Science at Booth 501 to learn more about how Quill's narrative integration capabilities can help your business modernize their BI platform by increasing the value of reports and accelerating time to deeper discovery.

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Narrative Science is the leader in advanced natural language generation for the enterprise. Its Quill™ platform, an intelligent system, analyzes data from disparate sources, understands what is interesting and important to the end user and then automatically generates perfectly written narratives for any intended audience, at unlimited scale. A diverse range of organizations such as USAA, American Century Investments, MasterCard, and the U.S. intelligence community utilize Quill to increase efficiency through the elimination of time-consuming, manual processes related to analyzing data and communicating insights, freeing employees to focus on high value activities and better serving their customers.

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