CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Feb. 24, 2016) - Blackhawk Resource Corp. ("Blackhawk" or the "Corporation") (TSX VENTURE:BLR) is pleased to announce that the unaudited financial statements and MD&A for the period ended December 31, 2015 have been filed on Sedar.

Highlights for the period ended December 31, 2015 include:

  • Realized gains, gross investment revenue and revenue from oil and gas assets for the three-month period was $207,672, not including unrealized losses of $314,664.

  • Interest income on Blackhawk's debt portfolio of $119,520 for the three-month period.

  • As at December 31, 2015, Blackhawk had $3,916,277 in working capital.

  • As at December 31, 2015, Blackhawk held $3,111,940 in current investments or 79% of working capital.

  • As at December 31, 2015, NAV per share was $0.10.

During the three month period ended December 31, 2015 the Corporation continued to refocus its investment portfolio and as part of that strategy, now holds approximately 60% of its investments in debt type instruments. This increased focus on debt instruments has allowed the Corporation to earn over $119,000 in interest income during this three month period, and over $244,000 in the first six months of its fiscal year. Blackhawk continues to hold numerous equity investments, but with the current state of the junior equity markets it feels the focus on debt instruments is the best method to obtain a significant return on its investable capital. The Corporation continues to review both equity and debt investment opportunities, but has chosen to weight its portfolio to debt items at this time. The goal of this strategy is to develop a portfolio of investments, which is expected to include equity, debt instruments and direct asset investments in certain situations that continue to provide positive cash flow returns. The Corporation is not intending to be industry specific, but will review investment opportunities under the return and risk profile of each. To date the Corporation has paid three quarterly dividends.


As at December 31, 2015, the Corporation held total investments of $3,585,925 comprised of equity type investments of $1,434,770, debt type investments of $1,965,639 and oil and gas assets of $185,516. In addition, the Corporation held a cash balance of $850,956.

Investments at fair value by sector consist of the following as at December 31, 2015:
Sector Cost Total fair value % of total fair value
Oil and gas producers $297,817 $73,800 5%
Mining 625,040 833,622 58%
Technology and media 827,700 527,348 37%
Total $1,750,557 $1,434,770 100%
Current debt instrument investments consist of the following as at December 31, 2015:
Short term loans $1,677,170
Total current investments held to maturity $1,677,170
Long term debt instrument investments consist of the following as at December 31, 2015:
Mortgage receivable $150,000
Debenture 138,469
Total long term investments held to maturity $288,469
Oil and gas investments consist of the following as at December 31, 2015:
Non-Operated properties $117,854
GORR 67,662
Total property, plant and equipment $185,516

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