SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Feb 25, 2016) - ExtraHop, the global leader in real-time stream analytics for IT operations and business intelligence, today announced a new healthcare analytics bundle purpose-built to transform IT from a support system into a force multiplier for clinical operations and patient care. The company also announced support for the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) protocol, enabling real-time stream analysis of data transmitted by medical imaging devices including X-Ray and MRI machines. ExtraHop will be demonstrating the healthcare analytics bundle during the HIMSS Conference February 29th through March 3rd at ExtraHop Booth #12350, as well as in the ExtraHop kiosks in the Clinical and Business Insights Pavilion (#14079) and the Citrix Ready Partner Pavilion (#10528).

In their January 2016 report, "Developing the Healthcare Enterprise Analytics Strategy Primer for 2016," Gartner analysts Laura Craft, Jeff Cribbs, and Richard Gibson, M.D., write: "In the competitive and increasingly transparent healthcare market, successful organizations will be those able to master analytics to compete in their sector. This is because they will be able to use the information locked in healthcare data to reduce healthcare costs, improve healthcare quality -- including outcomes -- and increase member/patient satisfaction."

The new healthcare analytics bundle, developed in cooperation with a select group of ExtraHop customers, delivers turnkey stream analytics for healthcare, unlocking insights into the relationship between IT performance and clinical workflows. The bundle leverages the power of the ExtraHop platform to parse, correlate, and analyze all healthcare data flowing over the network to derive meaningful insight from the numerous devices and systems on which hospitals run. In particular, the bundle extracts details from the HL7 protocol, which is used to exchange patient and billing data between systems, as well as the DICOM and TelNet protocols, which are commonly used in clinical equipment. With this correlated real-time visibility, both IT and operations teams can proactively work to optimize resources, streamline processes, and deliver better patient care, experience, and outcomes.

With the ExtraHop healthcare analytics bundle, healthcare IT teams are empowered to fix underperforming applications, optimize systems to align with clinical workflows, and help transform hospital operations to improve patient care, safety, and experience. Key features of the new offering include:

  • Auto-discovery and auto-classification of all devices and systems, including interface engines, electronic health records (EHR) databases, healthcare applications, and clinical devices such as drug pumps and diagnostic machines.
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting that continuously surfaces the top applications with the slowest processing times, and correlation of that data to clinical and operational workflows.
  • Correlation of clinical workflows, such as patient discharges and prescription orders, on application and network performance to enable better load-balancing and resource management within IT.
  • Real-time tracking and visualization of ADT messages (Admissions, Discharges, Transfers) to surface operational backlogs and inefficiencies and help management better manage and assign resources.
  • Ability to baseline trends for rapid identification of anomalies in both IT and clinical workflows, improving security and compliance.
  • Tracking and auditing of meaningful use across the organization to ensure ongoing compliance.

"Nearly every aspect of healthcare operations touches the network in one way or another, whether it's electronic health records, orders for prescriptions or diagnostic testing, or medical devices like drug pumps and monitoring equipment," said Erik Giesa, SVP of Marketing at ExtraHop. "The new healthcare analytics bundle is a conduit for turning all of that data flowing over the network into actionable, real-time information. Equipped with this insight, IT can be a change agent for clinical operations, and in turn, directly and positively influence patient care."

To learn more about how ExtraHop is being used by some of North America's premier healthcare providers and vendors, check out the case studies with Seattle Children's Hospital, MEDHOST, Steward Health, and Phoenix Children's Hospital.

To experience the power of the ExtraHop platform for yourself, explore the ExtraHop interactive online demo.

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