NEW YORK, Feb. 25, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Varonis Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRNS), a leading provider of software solutions that protect data from insider threats and cyberattacks, today announced the integration of the Varonis Metadata Framework with IBM Storwize V7000 version 1.6 storage systems. The integration will provide IBM Storwize users insight, intelligence and control over their information that Varonis solutions bring to thousands of organizations around the world. 

David Gibson, Varonis Vice President of Strategy and Market Development, said, “It’s critical for organizations to go beyond perimeter protection and understand the relationships between users and data. The integration of the Varonis Metadata Platform with IBM Storwize brings two leading technology platforms together to help organizations of all sizes manage and protect their rapidly growing volumes of unstructured data from insider threats. The market-leading file analysis, audit and protection capabilities of Varonis DatAdvantage can prevent many of the data breaches that are happening with such frequency. The ability of Varonis DatAlert to provide real-time alerts can detect potential security breaches before they cause major damage, and the Varonis Data Classification Framework discovers sensitive content and its possible exposure, then helps you lock it down.”

Eric Herzog, Vice President Marketing IBM Storage Systems at IBM, said, “Our clients store some of their most valuable and sensitive data on IBM Storwize, so the ability to monitor who has access to which files and when they actually access that data is critical. The Storwize V7000 Unified and Storwize V7000 systems provide the latest storage technologies for unlocking the business value of stored data. Together with the Varonis solutions, they provide valuable, complementary capabilities designed to give our clients peace of mind. The Storwize family supports the massive volumes of data created by today’s demanding applications. Together with Varonis, we can provide best-of-breed efficiency, ease of use and dependability for organizations of all sizes looking to glean insights and monitor their unstructured data.”

Mark Guadagni, Regional Vice President of Champions Solutions Group, an IBM and Varonis reseller and implementation specialist, said, “We’re very excited about the new integration of IBM Storwize V7000 with the latest version of DatAdvantage. The amount of unstructured data that our customers deal with on a daily basis isn’t slowing down, and probably never will. This information is highly sensitive, therefore they need solutions in place that can not only manage and store this data, but also provide greater insight into the metadata. This will ensure that only the right employees have access to the right data at all times, all access is monitored, and abuse is flagged. Knowing this level of detail will significantly reduce the risk of internal and external data breaches.”

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Varonis is a leading provider of software solutions that protect data from insider threats and cyberattacks. Through an innovative software platform, Varonis allows organizations to analyze, secure, manage, and migrate their volumes of unstructured data. Varonis specializes in file and email systems that store valuable spreadsheets, word processing documents, presentations, audio and video files, emails, and text. This rapidly growing data often contains an enterprise's financial information, product plans, strategic initiatives, intellectual property, and confidential employee, customer or patient records. IT and business personnel deploy Varonis software for a variety of use cases, including data security, governance and compliance, user behavior analytics, archiving, search, and file synchronization and sharing. With offices and partners worldwide, Varonis had approximately 4,350 customers as of December 31, 2015, spanning leading firms in the financial services, public, healthcare, industrial, energy & utilities, technology, consumer and retail, education and media & entertainment sectors.

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