LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - February 26, 2016) - Mobus Creative Negotiating has launched "The Creative Negotiator," a free biweekly e-newsletter. The newsletter combines best ideas and practices gleaned from 30 years in the field with the latest concepts in negotiating from neuroscience, behavioral economics, and psychology. 

"The Creative Negotiator" is geared toward anyone interested in negotiation and how to do it better. Frank Mobus, CEO, guides the reader through negotiating challenges by analyzing issues he has encountered, both personally and professionally.

"The Creative Negotiator" will be delivered by email and archived on the Mobus website, http://www.mobusinc.com

"Our goal is to help people lead happier, easier lives by transforming them into better negotiators," Mobus said. "We all negotiate every day with bosses, colleagues, competitors, vendors, spouses-even with our children. If people can learn to spot when they are in a negotiation and how to navigate through it calmly and with self-assurance, not only will they achieve better outcomes, but their relationships at work and home will reap the benefits."

With a concise and topical format, "The Creative Negotiator" will bring new ideas and energy to a field that has stagnated in recent years. "We want to make these new discoveries and techniques available to everyone," Mobus said. "Even if someone is never able to attend one of our seminars, they will grow in their ability to negotiate just by reading the newsletters." 

Ranging from complex deals brokered in the business world to more mundane, everyday interactions, the newsletter will help people at all levels of any industry. 

The Mobus Creative Negotiating website will begin archiving the newsletters on March 1, 2016. To subscribe or learn more, please visit http://www.mobusinc.com/newsletter

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Mobus Creative Negotiating is a corporate negotiation training company that matches more than three decades of training seminar experience with the latest educational and communication techniques. Our mission is to help people find more profitable outcomes in deals large and small. Mobus can improve people's skills in gauging the other party's pressures and needs-in transforming a transaction into a strategic relationship. For more valuable tips and insights into the art of negotiation, and to learn about our full suite of negotiation training solutions and Creative Negotiating seminars, visit Mobus at http://www.mobusinc.com

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