SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - February 29, 2016) - Bay Dynamics®, a leader in cyber risk analytics, announced today the launch of its alliance partner program, Bay Dynamics Insider Threat Alliance. The Insider Threat Alliance program is a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive network of partners coming together to address the challenges that organizations face combatting insider threats. It encompasses alliance partners at the regional and national levels including resellers, consulting partners, technology and solution providers, system integrators and managed security service providers.

"Cybersecurity is a human-centric issue. Insiders within an organization hold the keys to the crown jewels and just one misstep -- whether unintentional or malicious -- can put those keys in the wrong hands," said Feris Rifai, co-founder and CEO at Bay Dynamics. "Our Insider Threat Alliance program unites the best of the best in security expertise and technologies to help businesses catch and stop the security missteps before they happen and therefore minimize organizations' cyber risk."

Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric®, a cyber risk analytics platform, is the core of the Insider Threat Alliance program. Risk Fabric helps businesses, many of which are Fortune 50 companies, uncover risky or unusual user behavior and provides advanced situational awareness to address insider threats. The platform collects and analyzes data from organizations' already existing security controls, contextualizes it so that it tells a story about each user's typical behavior, identifies and prioritizes who organizations need to investigate, and helps remediate risky behaviors and vulnerabilities to minimize organizations' cyber risk. The platform also helps businesses communicate information about their cyber risk to the right people, such as the board of directors and C-level executives, to facilitate informed decision-making. Risk Fabric allows seamless, out-of-the-box data integrations with various data sources ranging from direct data sources, SIEMs to big data repositories and brings value to those security investments.

Bay Dynamics Insider Threat Alliance partners use Risk Fabric to help their customers combat insider threats from multiple directions. This includes discovering malicious users; pinpointing users with compromised credentials; identifying and training careless users that are leaking critical data; contextualizing and streamlining indicators of attack or compromise; monitoring of third-party vendors that have network access or whose products are integral parts of the network infrastructure; continuous monitoring and prioritization of insider entities comprised of systems and applications that can become channels for attack; and detection of risky and/or unusual behavior of privileged accounts. The program also helps Bay Dynamics broaden its ecosystem of partners and customers.

"The Bay Dynamics Insider Threat Alliance program helps us stand out as a leader in the cybersecurity space," said Chuck Hegarty, EVP of Strategic Alliances at CBI. "The Risk Fabric platform helps our customers pinpoint their riskiest users while eliminating false positives so that they know exactly who they need to take action on immediately. We are excited to be a part of this alliance."

The launch of the alliance program comes at a pivotal time in cybersecurity in which perimeters have become dynamic and the greatest threat has become the insider. In fact, the Ponemon Institute found that trusted insiders caused most (45 percent) breaches, either maliciously or inadvertently, just ahead of malware (44 percent).1 An IBM study also discovered that nearly all (95 percent) of security incidents involved human error.2

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