WAYNE, PA and LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - February 29, 2016) -  Medecision, the leader in population health management solutions for risk-bearing entities like provider- and payer-sponsored ACOs, hospitals, IDNs and health plans, today introduced a suite of modular population health management applications to help integrated delivery networks (IDNs) increase revenue, reduce penalties and improve the bottom line as they transition to value-based reimbursement models. The Company will unveil Aerial™ for IDNs at the annual HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas from February 29-March 4, 2016.

IDNs moving toward value-based care and contracting have differing value-based realities -- different starting points, different goals and different points of view on the risk continuum. Most, at some point in their unique journey, require solutions to help identify and manage risk; support evolving payer/ provider relationships; coordinate care across networks to keep patients in-network and control costs; and engage patients collaboratively with care teams.

"Our note of caution for IDNs embracing healthcare's ever-changing reimbursement and care delivery models -- managing population health effectively is not a once-and-done proposition. It's a journey," said Deborah M. Gage, president and chief executive officer of Medecision. "IDNs can improve chances of success by building deep and trusted partnerships with companies like Medecision who are out in front with proven success stories integrating data, driving insights into workflow, and deploying apps to boost engagement throughout the care community."

Medecision, with deep domain expertise in helping IDNs engage in value-based care models, has answered the call with the introduction of Aerial for Integrated Delivery Networks. Built on the Aerial Insights Platform, a flexible, scalable and secure platform which enables data capture, curation, query and visualization, Aerial for IDNs offers a unique set of modular application packages designed to support IDNs as they shift from volume- to value-based care. IDNs can deploy Aerial application packages independently or collectively as one holistic population health management solution.

Aerial IDN-specific application packages include:

  • Performance Excellence - to improve performance, quality and physician alignment through data curation, reliability and visibility services.
  • Patient Engagement Excellence - to increase patient engagement, overall satisfaction and loyalty through secure social and mobile messaging, and integrated goal-setting, health assessment and education applications.
  • Network Leakage Management - to monitor and manage network leakage; optimize network revenue; and capture care for accurate reporting through dashboards, patient engagement, and education tools and data services.
  • Transitions of Care Excellence - to target and reduce patients' risk for readmission, coordinate care and improve care quality by supplying a 360° view of patient health to care providers and stakeholders; complex care management workflow; rules and evidence-based content; and patient engagement and education tools and data services.
  • Bundled Payment Management - to identify and track patients in bundled care; share health data; control cost and quality of bundled episodes through dashboard profiles of populations and providers to measure performance against cost, utilization, quality and outcomes; complex care management workflow and automated best practices; patient engagement and education tools; and a 360° view of patient health for care providers and stakeholders.

Additional packages are available for IDNs exploring alternative payment models like ACOs and DSRIP.

Many Aerial IDN packages include Population Manager data services, powered by top KLAS-rated Forward Health Group, to transform any source of healthcare data into fuel IDNs can use to precisely identify and stratify populations, as well as Medecision's award-winning Aerial InCircle secure, social and mobile messaging application to connect community, patient and care relationships.

For a peek inside how healthcare organizations are leveraging their partnership with Medecision to make the business of accountable care, predictable, visit Medecision at booth #3438 during HIMSS, and participate in the HIMSS conversation on Twitter by following @Medecision, using the #HIMSS16 hashtag and by visiting https://www.medecision.com/himss-2016/.

About Medecision

Leading Integrated Delivery Networks depend on Medecision's team of experienced professionals and modular suite of Aerial™ performance, patient engagement, network leakage, care transition and alternative payment optimization solutions to power their population health management strategies and confidently grow their businesses. Medecision focuses on delivering a granular understanding of patient populations and bringing evidence-based interventions at the right time to impact care, cost and quality for millions of Americans. www.medecision.com