NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - March 01, 2016) - Charles A. Barragato & Co. LLP ("CAB"), CPAs and Trusted Business Advisors, is a boutique CPA firm specializing in serving high net worth individuals and family office clients. While serving such a special clientele, CAB has developed an expert matrimonial practice serving the distinctive needs of a divorcing high net worth spouse.

Managing partner, Chuck Barragato, says "CAB has specialized in serving the unique needs of our high net worth individual and family office clients for years. We deploy our core skills of accounting, business management, forensic accounting and tax expertise while serving as a critical team member of a divorcing spouse."

The "team," Chuck adds, "is comprised not only of CAB, but also the matrimonial attorney, the trust and estate attorney, insurance professional and investment advisor. In many instances, CAB assembles the team -- in other instances CAB is asked to join by the trusted attorney, investment advisor or insurance professional."

Martin Klein, Senior Director and a leader of CAB's matrimonial practice, adds, "Divorce is a very emotional experience. CAB is ideally-suited to serve a divorcing spouse since we have always taken a "family" approach to serving our high net worth and family office clientele."

In addition to providing core expert accounting, forensics and tax services, our Business Management practice plays a critical role post-divorce, assisting in a myriad of areas including the establishment of new bank and investment accounts, the analysis of current and future insurance coverage needs, and the ongoing management of bill payment ensures a high level of stability and continuity for the divorcing spouse. Our ability to provide a seamless transition is valued by both our clients as well as the other professionals on the team during what can otherwise be a volatile and ever-changing environment.

Furthermore, our Business Management team, led by partner Scott Guber, scrutinizes a final divorce agreement to determine and schedule payments and obligations created thereunder. Our team continues to regularly monitor all scheduled payments to be certain they are being made timely and in exact accordance with the agreement.

Says Scott, "We have a saying in these cases, 'The ink is dry, now what?!'" Our skill in organizing and managing the bill paying process, including setting up all new accounts, is essential to helping our client regain a sense of control over his or her financial life post-divorce and to be able to move forward with a confidence and emotional security supported by our team."

Chuck concludes, "Divorce is an emotional experience. I like to think we help our clients reduce the stress involved by delivering organization and transparency to all financial and tax records, then keeping things current and organized in their new life post-settlement. It's a good feeling for us to know we have helped a client through such a trying time in one's life."

About CAB

Charles A. Barragato & Co. LLP ("CAB"), CPAs and Trusted Business Advisors, provides tax, accounting and business advisory services across major markets to a diverse clientele, including high net-worth individuals and affluent multi-generational families, real estate investors and developers, exempt organizations and healthcare providers such as hospitals, physicians and the proprietary businesses serving them.

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