PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwired - March 02, 2016) - Led by medical director Dr. Darrick Woods and world-renowned peripheral nerve surgeon Dr. Stephen L. Barrett, the Innovative Neuropathy Treatment Institute opened recently in Phoenix and is redefining how physicians worldwide treat peripheral neuropathy and other lower-extremity ailments that cause chronic pain.

"The one thing that I realized very quickly, after decades of treating complex, lower-extremity pain, is that there is no one perfect solution," Barrett explains. "To effectively treat these complex disorders you have to approach it from a multidisciplinary and multiple factor standpoint, realizing that every patient is different and no two can be treated exactly the same with expectation of an ultimate outcome."

An estimated 20 million people in the United States have some form of peripheral neuropathy, a nerve disease that typically causes pain, numbness, or weakness and often gets progressively worse.

Florida-based PGA Tour golfer Ken Duke, 47, said his sharp heel pain felt like he was walking barefoot on a pebble all the time. "I couldn't play on a weekly basis. I couldn't walk. I couldn't hit the ball. You have got to have full strength any time you play anywhere and I just couldn't do that."

Duke's manager told him about Dr. Barrett, who is the author of five medical textbooks and multiple articles on nerve surgery and management of chronic extremity pain. His endoscopic surgical techniques are used worldwide, and one is featured in medical school textbooks.

"Dr. Barrett's knowledge was ridiculous. He went straight to the problem," Duke said.

Duke was diagnosed with plantar fasciopathy, or plantar fasciitis, a common cause of heel and foot pain. After a short series of stem cell injections into his heel, Duke was back into the swing of his professional game.

"I could walk and hit balls with no pain, which was unbelievable," Duke said. "I'm on my feet six days a week and could walk seven to eight miles a day walking the courses. I could hit balls for two to three hours straight. It's what we do; it's my life."

Dr. Barrett and his colleagues, Dr. Woods, and Dr. John Tassone, musculoskeletal ultrasound expert and wound care specialist, create individualized treatment plans for each patient.

A patient's condition is reviewed from a global perspective, which includes metabolism, DNA, mindset and specific nerve issues. "Each patient has a unique metabolism, a unique psyche, and a unique type of pathology and we take the time to fully evaluate the patient in a very comprehensive manner," Barrett emphasized.

Like Duke, patients often come to the institute after trying multiple other medical facilities, Dr. Barrett said.

"The ideal patient for our clinic is a person who truly desires to get better. We do not hesitate to take the most complex and difficult patients, many who have been unsuccessful in obtaining relief from other treatments, as long as they still have hope and some optimism," he said.

Innovative Neuropathy Treatment Institute offers services such as regenerative medicine, custom pharmacology, electrical stimulation therapy, diet assistance and nutritional supplements, surgery, IV infusion therapies, heel pain treatment, laser toenail treatments and medical marijuana recommendations.

About Innovative Neuropathy Treatment Institute

Innovative Neuropathy Treatment Institute is a Phoenix-based clinic at 16601 N. 40th St., Suite 110, Phoenix AZ 85032 that specializes in complex and difficult to treat conditions. The specialists at Innovative Neuropathy Treatment Institute have spent decades researching accurate diagnostic and treatment options that go beyond simple pain management and provide real solutions to nerve pain and nerve damage. The institute's methods help identify the true cause of your nerve disease in order to tailor a treatment plan that will treat the source to alleviate or eliminate symptoms. Our team includes: Dr. Stephen L. Barrett, a world expert on heel pain and treatment; Dr. Darrick Woods, medical director and noted motivational speaker, Dr. John Tassone, a podiatrist with an expertise in providing wound care and Dr. Andrew Rader, research director for INTI. For more information, visit: Innovative Neuropathy Treatment Institute. Follow INTI on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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