CHESTER, PA--(Marketwired - Mar 2, 2016) - Optymyze, a worldwide provider of enterprise cloud applications and services for improving sales and channel performance, today announced details of its significant product investments throughout the last year. Designed to improve salesperson engagement and sales force effectiveness, Optymyze released a number of enhancements to the Optymyze Sales Performance™, Optymyze Studio™ and Optymyze Analytics™ solutions.

"The key to building a high performing sales force is ensuring that sales teams have the tools they need to learn, collaborate and access critical information whether they are in the field or in the office. It's also crucial to provide sales leaders with the insight they need to effectively manage, coach and reward their teams," said E.K. Koh, vice president of Products for Optymyze. "Optymyze is squarely focused on delivering solutions that help our clients drive maximum sales performance in complex environments, and we are proud to continually enhance our products to address new challenges and help them capitalize on new opportunities. Our 2016 solution roadmap focuses on innovations that will enable our clients to plan for the future and further engage their salespeople as they seek to gain greater market share."

Solutions that Drive Greater Sales Engagement
In 2015, Optymyze focused product development in multiple areas to drive greater engagement from sales teams. In the fourth quarter, Optymyze expanded its Optymyze Studio platform with App Components, making it easier to reuse, share and build rich apps that work both on desktop and mobile devices. Delivering compelling content, including YouTube videos, social media feeds from Yammer and Twitter and application information, App Components allow salespeople to complete tasks, learn and collaborate with other members of the team all within the Optymyze app.

With a focus on enhancing the user experience for salespeople, in 2015 Optymyze redesigned its Sales Performance solution, providing an intuitive experience to both sales managers and salespeople and shortening the overall time-to-value for its clients.

Optymyze also invested heavily in its powerful Optymyze Analytics platform, releasing self-service and predictive capabilities in Q3, and introducing pre-packaged data connectors for common data sources such as customer relationship management (CRM), HR and payroll technologies.

Enhancements for Sales Force Effectiveness
Introducing new innovations to propel sales force alignment and effectiveness, Optymyze released enhancements to its territory management and sales compensation application in 2015, and added a new Optymyze Sales Objectives application. Part of its Sales Org Performance Management solution, the Optymyze Sales Territories application allows organizations to better design and manage their sales territories to maximize revenue potential. In its Q3 release, Optymyze added a more intuitive territory map view that provides a richer and more flexible set of performance metrics. Managers can track territory performance and leverage enhanced filtering tools, allowing them to focus on only the information they need.

Developing technologies that help improve sales force alignment, Optymyze delivered a new Optymyze Sales Objectives application, which supports best-of-breed capabilities for classic objective management products and includes leading social capabilities. Part of the Optymyze Sales Force Performance Management solution and a fully mobile solution, the Sales Objectives Application features collaboration tools that support discussion forums, allow users to share encouragement and constructive feedback, and drive improved transparency and employee engagement.

Optymyze continued to invest in its market leading sales compensation product over the last year. Enhancements to Optymyze Sales Compensation allow large, complex sales organizations to design variable compensation plans to be as simple as needed. Optymyze's latest release helps companies streamline sales crediting processes to improve the way quota attainment is calculated, and better supports large sales organizations with advanced lookup capabilities for metrics and earnings calculations that allow for many variations in a single sales compensation plan.

Optymyze Solution Innovation in 2016
Throughout 2016, Optymyze will continue developing technologies that improve sales force engagement and effectiveness. Optymyze will roll out new features that allow companies to enhance sales planning, enable data-driven recommendations for sales coaching and allow clients to embed industry leading collaborative, social and analytical capabilities within their apps to drive greater adoption and richer functionality.

Earlier this year, Optymyze introduced the Optymyze App Gallery, providing its clients with a quick and easy way to view and implement available apps that drive sales force engagement and effectiveness, such as the SPIF Program Management app and the Contract Management app. Additional details can be accessed at:

About Optymyze
Optymyze helps companies improve sales force and sales operations performance with its award-winning enterprise cloud applications and business process management services. Optymyze Sales Performance Management helps companies align sales goals and compensation; efficiently execute sales strategies; drive greater sales results, faster; and gain visibility into sales performance. With Optymyze Sales Operations as a Service, clients turn sales operations into a strategic business advantage through agility, innovation and continuous improvement. Optymyze has been recognized for its innovation and service delivery by Ventana Research, Celent, the Montclare SaaS 250 and CRM Market Awards.

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