DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Mar 2, 2016) -  (OTC PINK: GRPR) "2016 the global oil and gas market is in the midst of a tremendous downturn in the commodity market price for oil. Grid Petroleum business focus as a junior oil and gas exploration company, in the current market climate with no potential for a commodity rally predicted within the next 24 to 48 months, management of Grid has determined the best interest of the shareholders and creditors is to execute a two pronged plan. First Grid has begun discussion with potential operating businesses to reverse merger into the company and secondly we intend to create a new Wyoming subsidiary to transfer all of our current oil and gas assets," said CEO Edward Aruda.

Current management has been using the following guidelines for the discussion with the acquisitions targets:

1.) Grid is looking for a current operating business with a history of operating income and a solid product or service.

2.) The target company has a need to access the public market to expand their current product or service to grow their business.

3.) The target company must have a good management team in place that guides and develops long term grown strategy and understands the demands of shareholders and creditors.

4.) Revenue growth potential of the target entity. 

In addition to change the core business focus, management has determined the need to enhance the current level of corporate governance during the next calendar year for the benefit of the company's value. We are committed to the following improvements before years end:

1.) Grid management is activity working to recruit new members to the Audit Committee;

2.) Grid is activity working to recruit new outside directors to the Board of Directors to assist in guidelines for the company;

3.) Looking to hold an annual shareholders meeting during third quarter of 2016;

4.) Due to the goals and ambition of the current management's plan during the next year Grid will most likely need to retain professional banking advice to guide the management on how to handle the company's current debt load and attract new capital for the expansion of our target business;

Grid does not intend to abandon it current assets or operations. In the alternative we are going to move all our current assets into a new subsidiary based in Wyoming. The new subsidiary will have the mandate to acquire and hold land leases in North America to be held for exploration once the underlying commodity prices return. Management believes that while the main operations and capital demands of Grid are changing, using the current assets and knowledge to lay a foundation for long value in the O&G arena shouldn't be abandon. In the alternative management is taking a longer term position, the new subsidiary to be dividend off once the commodity market returns to more favorable price will benefit all parties involved.

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