Almas Jiwani, CEO of Almas Jiwani Foundation, Will Join the Think Tank Mission for Refugees on the Greek Island of Lesvos from March 7-15

LESVOS, GREECE--(Marketwired - March 2, 2016) -

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Almas Jiwani will join high ranked experts for a week-long Think Tank Mission hosted by Movement on the Ground (MOTG) - an organization founded on the tenets of cooperation and support towards smaller micro charities to help meet their evolving needs as a humanitarian crisis unfolds.

"We all have a role to play in responding to humanitarian crisis," said Almas Jiwani. "The international community has a responsibility to these fellow human beings to provide any available aid to stop their senseless suffering. No one puts their child on a dinghy to cross the sea unless the alternative is even more harrowing. We cure despair through acts of humanity - I'm happy to share my time and knowledge to make an impact at the grass roots level where it is needed most," said Almas Jiwani

During her time in Lesvos with Movement on the Ground, Almas Jiwani will also tour the island, provide warm meals, aid with beach cleanup efforts, and take part in a strategy think tank, all alongside Mr. Elwell, VP Inrada Group and other notable volunteers.

"Movement On The Ground are humbled that Almas Jiwani will be joining us as a volunteer in Lesvos, representing her foundation," says Isabel Mora le Moyne, MOTG project manager. "We are additionally delighted that she will be joining 15 other specialists in a day-long strategic think tank, discussing the redefinition of the Refugee Camp, entitled Camp to Campus. It is having partners like Almas that transforms abstract theory into real impact for real people. Her expertise and passion on gender equality issues will be a vital contribution."

Located in the Aegean Sea between Turkey and the Greek peninsula, Lesvos has long been a stop for refugees seeking to escape war, conflict and political repression in their countries. In recent years, and largely due to the Syrian Crisis, Lesvos has seen a surge in refugees risking their lives in the sea-crossing. After Syria, "The second and third most common countries of origin were Afghanistan and Eritrea, whose nationals also in most cases qualify for refugee status" (UNHCR, July 2015).

The UN agency estimates that at least two children drown every day trying to make it to safety.

"I extended the invitation to Almas because I know she's not afraid of rolling up her sleeves to get involved and I knew she would embrace the challenge of helping others in their moment if need," said Mr. Elwell, VP of Inrada Group. "Both the Refugees and the "Think tank" will greatly benefit from her breadth of knowledge and experience and exposure through the Almas Jiwani Foundation will help to raise the awareness of gender equalities in moments of crisis."

About Almas Jiwani Foundation

Empowering women and girls through focused projects that directly address gender equality, education, entrepreneurship, entertainment and energy rights. Through empowering women and girls in targetted areas, AJF hopes to improve societal and economic conditions in the developing world. Projects include providing sustainable energy to provide a better education, better living conditions and to create the environment where women can thrive as entrepreneurs in any region.

About Movement on the Ground

Movement on the Ground is a foundation responding to a humanitarian crisis affecting the innocent men, women and children forced from their homes by climate change, poverty and war.

Their goal is to provide structural support to major transit camps on Lesvos in the form of heat, shelter and hot food. In addition, they are looking to strengthen the resources needed at points of arrival for rescue and medical teams on the ground.

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