BUFFALO, NY--(Marketwired - March 02, 2016) - Inergex, a leading IT services company with a fast-growing ServiceNow business, dramatically expanded its capabilities with the acquisition of Crossfuze, a ServiceNow partner with an outstanding reputation for innovation and client satisfaction. 

Crossfuze, based in Elwood, Utah, offers a broad portfolio of ServiceNow implementation, integration, and consulting services. The company earned the highest customer satisfaction score for ServiceNow Authorized Solutions Partners in 2015. It has also earned a global reputation for its innovative Turnkey solutions that rapidly expand the features and functionality of the ServiceNow platform.

Inergex ranked number one in customer satisfaction score among all ServiceNow Preferred Solutions Partners in North America in 2015. They offer a comprehensive portfolio of ServiceNow services ranging from implementation and customization to ongoing support programs via their iPOWER for ServiceNow offering.

"Crossfuze is one of the most highly regarded ServiceNow partners in the world for its technical expertise, innovation capabilities and commitment to quality," said Inergex President, Chris Howard. "By combining the two companies, we are creating an industry-leading solutions delivery powerhouse that provides organizations with 'anything ServiceNow' capabilities. It's all part of our effort to deliver meaningful solutions that help drive our clients' digital transformation initiatives while creating a more substantive and memorable customer experience."

"We are incredibly excited about this opportunity to join with Inergex," said Mark Stanger, Co-Founder of Crossfuze. "Inergex has a great portfolio of ServiceNow services, impressive thought leadership in Project Portfolio Management, extensive knowledge in key service areas such as IT Managed Services, and an outstanding reputation for client satisfaction. By joining forces, we will become one of the most dynamic ServiceNow partners on the planet."

Crossfuze is one of the most well-known and respected companies in the ServiceNow community. It has pioneered a number of widely used innovations via their portfolio of Turnkey and integration solutions that expand the features and functionality of "out-of-the-box" ServiceNow implementations.

"Bringing together our technical knowledge and creativity will allow us to create a more robust R&D engine that can deliver cutting-edge solutions and keep pace with necessary integrations to extend ServiceNow's value throughout an organization," said Jacob Andersen, Crossfuze Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer.

"Most clients need some degree of customization with ServiceNow. But that can be expensive and time-consuming. That's one reason why we have Turnkeys," said Stanger, one of the world's most recognized leaders in the ServiceNow developer community. "We tap into our relationships with clients, keep close watch of industry indicators, and constantly engage with the ServiceNow developer community to identify a set of expanded capabilities that would appeal to a wide range of companies and user types. We then build them into a Turnkey so that clients can instantly-and more economically-boost the performance and usability of their ServiceNow platform."

Stanger also operates the influential ServiceNowGuru.com website. The website is not part of the Inergex acquisition. Inergex will still, however, benefit from a strengthened relationship to leading ServiceNow developers and experts throughout the world.

Inergex first began offering ServiceNow services in 2011. Since that time, the company has steadily increased its commitment to the platform. Today it is one of only 10 Preferred Solutions Partners in North America and one of only six partners cited by ServiceNow as experts in Project Portfolio Management, an increasingly important focus for ServiceNow.

The acquisition of Crossfuze comes less than a year after Inergex expanded its 24/7 capabilities in areas such as IT Service Desk and ServiceNow support with the acquisition of TREC Global, a leader in call center support with offshore operations in the Philippines. In addition, Inergex recently expanded its geographic presence with an office in Toronto. Such milestones, along with the acquisition of Crossfuze, further support the company's growth strategy.


Inergex, LLC is headquartered in Buffalo, New York with offices in Manila, Philippines, New York City, and Toronto, Canada. Offerings include: ServiceNow (Implementations, iPOWER for ServiceNow Support Programs, PPS Turnkey solutions), IT Managed Services, Call Center Support and PMO Assessments and Consulting. Inergex ranks number one in ServiceNow customer satisfaction score among Preferred Solutions Partners in North America. www.inergex.com, 1-888-829-5511


Crossfuze, LLC is based in Elwood, Utah and is a leader in the ServiceNow market delivering high-quality implementations, various feature-boosting Turnkeys, and simple-to-complex integrations. They ranked number one in ServiceNow customer satisfaction score among Authorized Solutions Partners in 2015. www.crossfuze.com, 1-801-830-3131

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