NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Mar 4, 2016) - TriPoint Global Equities, LLC. ("TriPoint"), a FINRA member and leading boutique investment bank that provides companies with capital raising and corporate & strategic advisory services, today announced that its online electronic platform BANQ® ( is accepting issuers looking to raise capital. BANQ® is open to work with issuers, service providers, law firms, other broker dealers and investors wishing to participate in Regulation A+, which is Title IV of the Jumpstart our Business Startups Act, or JOBS Act.

BANQ® is a fully electronic platform that takes the entire public and private offering process online and provides instantaneous confirmation and deposit of all investment transactions. BANQ® allows issuers to conduct offerings and raise capital under Regulation A+ and most importantly allows investors to have the ability to deposit and liquidate their Reg A+ investment shares that trade on the OTC Markets Group (OTCQX: OTCM) OTCQB® or OTCQX®.

"There have been recent successes with issuers raising capital under Reg A+, but most of the investors in those offering have been left without the ability to deposit their shares with brokerage firms and liquidate them in the market. As a result, the Issuers are now faced with angry investors," stated Mark Elenowitz, CEO of TriPoint Global Equities/BANQ®. "BANQ® is the solution. It allows issuers to conduct offerings and allows investors to deposit and sell their shares. While this concept seems logical and simple, most brokerage firms are reluctant to accept stock issued under the new rules and those that do may charge large deposit fees of up to $1,000."

Regulation A+, which is Title IV of the Jumpstart our Business Startups Act, or JOBS Act. Regulation A+ allows startups and small businesses to raise a maximum of $50 million under this law. The newly approved Regulation A+ allows these funds, subject to certain limitations, to be raised from the general public. This means that startups and small businesses can now accept investment in small Initial Public Offerings from the general public, even if the investors are not accredited.

BANQ® offers access to registered public offerings, such as IPOs and secondary offerings, private placements and now Reg A+ transactions. In addition, BANQ® offers low-priced trading commissions, as low as $0.99 and $3.95 per trade. By charging a low commission, BANQ® is making investing even more accessible to the growing number of individual investors.

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About TriPoint Global Equities, LLC

TriPoint Global Equities, LLC ("TriPoint "), a FINRA member firm, is a boutique investment bank, with corporate finance and sales and trading services. TriPoint focuses on providing U.S. and non-U.S. companies of up to $500 million in revenue with capital raising, corporate finance advisory services and assistance with navigating the regulatory environment for companies listing on U.S. markets. TriPoint Global maintains specialized practices in institutional private placements, sales and trading, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate finance. BANQ®, the online division of TriPoint,, is an electronic investment banking platform that streamlines the matching of investors with quality growth companies and alternative investment opportunities. BANQ® provides investors access to exciting companies with exposure to rapidly growing sectors and new technologies. BANQ® takes the entire public and private offering process digital and online, providing access to U.S. opportunities and offerings in the U.S. markets. BANQ® widely markets its offerings utilizing the new general solicitation and advertising rules promulgated by the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, in response to the passage of the JOBS Act of 2012. In addition BANQ® offers some of the lowest trading costs in the industry at $.99 and $3.95. TriPoint has offices in New York City, Jericho, NY, Akron, OH, Beijing China and Washington, D.C. For more information, please visit

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