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When the people at Trailcon Leasing embarked on a journey to redesign its parts and inventory process, they knew the sky was the limit.

And so, after extensive research, they decided to align with a company in the aviation industry.

Trailcon is a Canadian leader in the trucking industry in trailer rental, leasing, and maintenance. President Alan Boughton says they are always looking for ways to improve operations, and realized there were further business opportunities they could explore to better achieve company goals and growth plans.

"Knowing we wanted to develop processes that were state-of-the-art and enduring, we focused on the 'fix it before it fails' aviation approach and searched for companies that had an exceptional focus on parts excellence."

Boeing was the perfect choice, with its undeniable track record and century-long experience. A Trailcon team of Paul Lahie, Don Andrews, Giovani Cani, and Bryan Burningham travelled to Boeing Aerospace in Seattle to learn about that company's best practices and get a hands-on look at the detailed steps in its processes. This firsthand experience allowed the team to understand some key procedures for enhancing accuracy and repetition in the day-to-day parts practices at Trailcon.

A tour of the plant used to manufacture the 737 and the newest model, the MAX, was also on the agenda. Boeing uses Lean Six Sigma methodologies extensively, and Boughton says that progress in production and quality is evident in every step of Boeing's manufacturing process. The Trailcon team reports that a highlight of the tour was learning about the improvement in the passenger-seat installation process. While it originally took three shifts more than 24 hours to complete, Boeing automated the loading process to install the seats in just two hours.

These kinds of improvements have allowed Boeing to boost production from 22 planes a month to 42, with plans to increase even further as it continues to identify bottlenecks and streamline processes.

Bryan Burningham, Trailcon's Vice President, Service and Operations, says Trailcon will continue on its own journey to remove waste and bottlenecks, and streamline its parts business.

"We want to remain the industry leader in trailer leasing, rentals, and service. We have to offer a big thank you to the Boeing staff who spent such quality time with our Trailcon team."

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