SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 7, 2016) - Diaceutics Group, a dedicated integrator in personalized and precision medicine, enabling the effective combination of therapies and diagnostics into the treatment pathway, today launched the personalized medicine industry's first digital launch and financial planning platforms designed to help pharmaceutical asset teams quantify and then plug the most common targeted therapy revenue leaks arising from poor pre-launch planning. (The news was released at the Molecular Medicine Tri Conference 2016).

"Four years ago, we quantified $2-3 billion lost Herceptin revenues arising from suboptimal HER2 testing in the first seven years of its life. We have now completed this analysis using PD-L1, and can already see some of the same mistakes being made," said Peter Keeling, Diaceutics CEO. "Our analysis suggests in its first year of launch, suboptimal PD-L1 testing has cost pharma some $47 million of lost revenues in 2nd Line NSCLC and the lost revenue associated with suboptimal testing is projected to reach almost $800 million over the next five years in this one indication alone. These costly diagnostic issues are all avoidable with greater pre-launch insights and planning."

Many pharma companies are approaching diagnostic pre-launch planning without the right and timely insights, structures or budgets. With experience from over 100 targeted therapy asset launches, Diaceutics has been able to observe first hand the struggles pharma executives have in initially understanding how diagnostics work, and then planning and implementing highly complex commercialization programs, which address quality, technology and infrastructure gaps associated with most novel biomarker launches.

"We have had to learn first how to articulate the relevant drivers in companion and complementary diagnostic commercialization for stretched therapy asset teams, and then provide the tools to help them integrate these strategies into their go-to-market programs," said Sanna Jousi, Head of Diaceutics Digital Division. "To enable this integration, we have honed a high-quality planning method into two scalable and cost effective digital platforms. Although each biomarker has unique needs, this approach allows us to address diagnostic launch requirements with the same discipline and effort put into the targeted therapy launch elements." 

Diaceutics Financial Planner enables teams to predict the revenue and patient share losses and gains to be made via diagnostic optimization for each asset. Pharma supplies target metrics and the planner simulates real market conditions to help maximize ROI in key markets. 

Diaceutics Dx Launch Planner contains over 150 analogues and 12 work tools integrated around the key business questions each therapy team needs to work through to avoid even the most common lost treatment opportunities arising from real world diagnostic markets.

Both planning tools are accessed via a unique easy to use interactive, iPad-friendly interface developed by Diaceutics' dedicated digital team. 

"Our recent PD-L1 lost therapy opportunity assessment tells us that every $1 spent on smart diagnostic efficiency returns between $20-$40 in additional therapy revenues otherwise lost. Few other parts of the pharma business model will deliver these types of returns," added Jousi. "The Financial Planner and Launch Planner tell you where, when, why and how much to invest to enable otherwise missed patients to get the right drug at the right time."

Diaceutics will be presenting its report on the lost therapy dollars in PD-L1 at Tricon's Commercialization of Molecular Diagnostics Symposia on Thursday, March 10th at 12.45pm; and in the company's third industry webinar, Discussing The $ Value of Diagnostic Pre-Launch Planning for Targeted Therapies - Through the PD-L1 Lens on Wednesday, April 6th at 11am ET. Register for the webinar here,

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Molecular Medicine Tri Conference 2016
Members of the Labceutics and Diaceutics Analytics, Insights, Strategy teams will be at the Diaceutics booth, 616*1, on March 7- 9 at Moscone North Convention Center, San Francisco. 

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