HENNIGSDORF, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Mar 7, 2016) -  Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness globally. The term encompasses a group of eye diseases that have one thing in common: progressive damage to the vision. This means the earlier the diagnosis, the less damage done and the more vision there is to save. Therefore, the world glaucoma week (http://www.wgweek.net) that takes place from March 6 to 12, aims at expanding global awareness on glaucoma.

Glaucoma symptoms include visual field loss that often manifests as black and bright spots or blurred vision in the affected area. The earlier it is detected, the better glaucoma can be treated. In advanced stages with severe damage to the optic nerve, therapy options are very limited. One out of six patients affected by glaucoma finally goes blind.1

EBS Therapy: protection and regeneration of damaged nerve cells

Conventional treatment methods mainly aim at reducing the intraocular pressure by means of medication or surgery, but none of these methods are designed to restore lost vision. A new therapy option that can help recover eyesight is EBS Therapy, a non-invasive and patient-individualized stimulation therapy. 

The medical therapy approach is based on the finding that damage to the optic nerve does not forcibly mean that the tissue has been completely destroyed. Many cells survive the trauma, but are dysfunctional. This is why EBS Therapy has been designed to achieve a two-fold effect: first, a protective effect prevents further degeneration of cells in the retina -- the scientific term for this is neuroprotection. This protective effect also builds the basis for the second effect, the so-called neuroregeneration. The targeted rhythmic current pulses in EBS Therapy stimulate the metabolism of nerve cells, which has a strengthening effect and supports the regeneration of nerve tissue.

"EBS Therapy can help to improve vision -- even when all conventional treatment methods have been exhausted," explains Prof. Dr. Ellrich, Chief Medical Officer and Head of the Business Development Medical at EBS Technologies. "The therapy is a pain-free, low-risk treatment option with a clinically proven effect." A clinical study has demonstrated: Patients treated with EBS Therapy benefited from a measurable improvement of their vision.2

Margrit Kulwatz is one of the patients who have regained vision thanks to the new treatment option: "My eyesight is still limited, but it makes a real difference compared to before the treatment. I am very glad that I have opted for EBS Therapy."

Safe and pain-free procedure

The EBS Therapy system consists of various complementary components, which include an electrical stimulator and a high-precision EEG machine. They are combined in the patient unit, to which the patient is connected via an EEG cap and special stimulation glasses. The therapist controls the progress of the treatment session through a monitoring unit.

The treatment consists of ten sessions, carried out on ten consecutive working days. One session lasts about 70-90 minutes including preparation.

EBS Therapy centers include:

  • Augenklinik am Wittenbergplatz, Prof. Dr. Carl Erb, Berlin, Germany
  • Center for Vision Restoration, Dr. Anton Fedorov, Berlin, Germany
  • MVZ an der Brandenburg Klinik, Prof. Dr. Michael Jöbges, Bernau, Germany
  • Augenklinik MVZ, Prof. Dr. Thomas Neuhann, Munich, Germany
  • Augennetzhaut Centrum Hannover, Nadja Salzmann & Dr. Thomas Köhler, Hanover, Germany

1 Peters D, Bengtsson B, Heijl A. Lifetime Risk of Blindness in Open-Angle Glaucoma. Am J Ophthalmol. 2013;156(4):724-730.
2 Ellrich J, Pommerening U, Wundrich I: Transorbital electrical stimulation improves vision in patients with optic neuropathies. Abstracts of the 19th Annual Meeting of the North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS) 2015:53.

About EBS Technologies
EBS Technologies GmbH, based in Hennigsdorf close to Berlin, Germany, develops software and hardware for medical stimulation therapies. The company holds several patents in the EU and the USA, and has successfully completed a clinical trial of the EBS therapy. The EBS therapy system is approved for the treatment of visual field loss in accordance with EU regulations as a medical device with a CE label. For more information on EBS Technologies, please visit: www.ebstech.eu

More information on the EBS therapy and a complete list of therapy centers is available under www.ebs-therapy.com.

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