TUSTIN, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 7, 2016) - Premier Holding Corporation (OTCQB: PRHL) is honored that its subsidiary, Energy Efficiency Experts (E3), was asked to submit an article focusing on the LED lighting market for OC View, the magazine published by the Orange County Regional Chapter of the CAI, in its January/February 2016 issue.

E3's Market Outreach Manager, Lisa MacDonald, worked closely with the team at CAI-OCRC to provide them information on how best to approach the daunting task of converting old inefficient lighting to the extremely reliable, cost-effective LED technology. The magazine goes out to the members of the CAI- Orange County Regional Chapter. The January/February edition featured a cover story written by E3. Members include condominium associations, cooperatives, and homeowner associations, as well as those who provide services and products to community associations. The Orange County Regional Chapter has over 1,400 members including nearly 600 businesses, and represents thousands of households. 

Penned by PRHL Vice President, Lawrence Young, the cover article entitled "The Time is Right to Adopt LED Lighting" explains how the time is now perfect for facility managers and specifiers for new construction to commit to LED lighting. The technology has vastly matured in just the last few years to where performance is validated by third parties, costs have come down, options are many, and rebates and other incentives are still in effect.

Although the time is right, there are still some hurdles to overcome in both ensuring the lamps are sourced by reliable vendors, and by sifting through the vast amount of options now available.

"The good news is that there are probably 50 excellent LED choices for each old lamp you'd like to replace, and the bad news is there are 50 excellent LED choices for each lamp... Vetting and selecting the right lamp for each unique application now requires someone who has experience and a solid background in LED lighting, and can present you with your best option based on your unique needs," said Mr. Young.

E3 is known for its outstanding service. A distributor and ESCO, E3's business model stands on three pillars: 1) Product: we specify the best lamp for each application, meaning we are product agnostic... not beholding to any one manufacturer, and we vet every lamp to ensure it meets all industry standards and third party performance validation; 2) Price: with its direct relationships with manufacturers, its buying power, and its ability to stock inventory when prudent, both price AND availability are superior; and finally 3) Service: where many LED companies say anything to make the sale and then lag in the performance of servicing their clients, E3 focuses on our client relationship. Client satisfaction is our strongest differentiation.

Premier CEO and President, Randall Letcavage, said: "The team at E3 continues to exceed our plans by finding new marketing and outreach venues. We have a great story and we are getting it out. Lisa's work on this publication is just the most visible of major relations she is building for the company. This is another example of what I recently reported in a press release made on behalf of Shareholders and interested investors stating Premier is looking forward to continued growth in 2016. We expect this growth to be substantial, and it is actions like this that will help make that expectation a reality."

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Under the corporate motto, "Everything Energy," Premier is an energy holding company focused on acquiring and integrating energy companies as synergistic subsidiaries. The Company accumulates residential and commercial clients in deregulated markets from all subsidiaries and cross sells energy and energy efficiency products and services, maximizing profit potential and minimizing cost of client procurement. In addition, Premier Holding provides top line management and financial support, which includes access to capital, financing, legal, insurance, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and management strategies. Additional integrated business offerings include direct energy services as power purchase agreements (PPAs), energy financing and leasing of generation programs in urban and rural real estate environments, lighting efficiency systems and refrigeration systems. For more information, visit: PRHL Investors Relations at www.prhlcorp.com.

About Energy Efficiency Experts (E3)
E3 is an Energy Services Company (ESCO) and distributor formed by PRHL to provide the best of breed solutions to its clients by recruiting experts with decades of experience in the field, and by utilizing proprietary technologies and high level industry relationships. By maintaining a "product agnostic" approach, E3 will prescribe the best solution for the unique circumstances of its clients after careful survey and analysis. Through its ever-growing acquisitions and alliances, E3 strives to provide the most current, and fully-vetted solutions in energy generation and energy reduction technologies, as well as management tools which capture the client for future opportunities. For more information, visit: www.e3energyexperts.com.

About The Orange County Regional Chapter of Community Associations Institute
The Orange County Regional Chapter of Community Associations Institute (CAI-OCRC) provides education, networking, resources and advocacy for community associations and the professional and volunteers who serve them. Members include condominium associations, cooperatives, and homeowner associations as well as those who provide services and products to community associations. The Orange County Regional Chapter has over 1,400 members including nearly 600 businesses, and represents thousands of households. The chapter is one of nearly 60 Community Associations Institute chapters in the nation.

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