NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., March 09, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a presentation today at the Smithers Apex’s 4th Annual Quantum Dots Forum in Newport Beach, California, Dr. Nathan Stott, Quantum Materials Corp Director of Materials, outlined the Company's goals for increasing the efficiency and commercial viability of solar energy production through the integration of quantum dots into thin-film solar cells.

Dr. Stott’s presentation entitled ‘Quantum Dot Solar: Meeting Emerging Strong Market Demand’ lays out Quantum Materials Corp’s goal of reducing estimated solar energy generation costs by 50 percent through the integration of quantum dots manufactured with the Company’s continuous flow production and high speed roll-to-roll printing technology.  This combination has the potential to dramatically reduce manufacturing equipment capital expenditures required to manufacture solar cells by up to 75 percent versus current solar cell production technologies.

Growing global pressure to increase distributed renewable energy sources has created a dramatic increase in solar photovoltaic cell manufacturing. However, solar PV remains a small portion of overall energy generation due to historical cost constraints.

Quantum Materials believes that a breakthrough is imminent when pricing of QD solar cells make subsidies unnecessary. Then, low capex, minimized lead times to establish solar PV plants, and efficient manufacturing will enable much higher solar module production and installations.  As energy markets and social and political systems continue to exhibit volatility, Quantum Materials is ready to respond to the multiple global trends that makes solar a clear solution to a growing energy problem.

About Quantum Materials Corp

Quantum Materials Corp develops and manufactures Quantum Dots and nanomaterials for use in display, lighting, solar energy, and medical applications through its patented volume production process. QMC's volume manufacturing methods enable consistent quality and scalable cost reductions to drive innovative discovery to commercial success. Quantum Materials Corp technology continues to move the future of quantum dots to the present. Quantum Materials' products are the foundation for technologically superior, energy efficient, and environmentally sound LCD UHD displays, the next generation of solid-state lighting, solar photovoltaic power applications, advanced battery and energy storage solutions, biotech imaging, and biomedical theranostics. Wholly-owned subsidiary Solterra Renewable Technologies develops sustainable quantum dot solar technology.

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