Sensoria Partners with MYZONE to Deliver Comfortable, Accurate Heart Rate Monitoring Garments

Leader in smart garments announces fitness enthusiasts focused collaboration for its sports bra and t- shirt heart rate gathering technology

REDMOND, Wash., March 14, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sensoria Inc., a world leader in the development of IoT smart garments and wearable systems, is proud to announce its partnership with MYZONE, a wearable training partner that rewards effort. After the success of Sensoria’s smart sports bra and t-shirt in the market, MYZONE looked to partner with the brand to help it expand into smart garment offerings. The first products to be released to market from the partnership are the MYZONE Powered by Sensoria T-Shirt and the MYZONE Powered by Sensoria Sports Bra, a bra that when connected to the MYZONE heart rate monitor gives consumers a more comfortable alternative to traditional chest strap monitoring devices. Heart rate data is transmitted to the MYZONE app for a quick and easy way to see post-workout stats.

“Sensoria’s smart sports bra and t-shirt, with embedded heart rate electrodes and moisture wicking fabric, is the most comfortable choice for fitness enthusiasts looking for smart, and cool looking training gear. We are thrilled to partner with MYZONE so we can enable a seamless training experience for cardio fitness enthusiasts,” said Davide Vigano, CEO and co-founder of Sensoria. “We’re working with MYZONE to increase convenience, color, style, precision and comfort for athletes across all levels and activities.”

The sports bra and t-shirt work with the MYZONE module and app to provide valuable feedback in real time with higher accuracy to encourage increased effort in the moment. MYZONE’s custom Bluetooth and ANT+ heart rate monitor snaps directly onto the front of the bra and snaps back off when it’s time to throw the bra in the washer. The t-shirt, like the sports bra, also features a strap-free heart rate monitor that is embedded directly into the shirt design for a more comfortable workout experience.

“After seeing the success of Sensoria’s wearable garments that are not only highly accurate, but also remain extremely comfortable during activity, our team knew their smart t-shirt and smart sports bra were a perfect fit to combine with MYZONE heart monitoring technology,” said Dave Wright, CEO and Creator of MYZONE. “Our goal at MYZONE is to offer solutions that enhance the fitness experience and motivate more people to reach their highest potential through data. This partnership is the ideal opportunity for us to introduce our customers to the benefits of smart garment activity trackers, and we look forward to expanding our offerings powered by Sensoria’s technology for MYZONE customers.”

Currently, the sports bras with medium to high support are in final phase of development, as well as a short sleeve t-shirt shirt for men. Both will soon be available in the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK.

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MYZONE is a fitness company that develops accurate wearable technology that provides engaging and motivational experiences to support behavior change that make exercise habits stick. MYZONE’s primary markets are premium gyms and health clubs, corporate wellness sites and educational establishments. MYZONE is already represented in over 2,500 facilities in 35 countries. For more information, visit


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