DETROIT, MI--(Marketwired - Mar 15, 2016) - JFT Marketing has exploded into 2016. After solidly establishing his business in Detroit, president Bob Rovnanik has navigated JFT through record-smashing months in January, February and the first part of March. The young marketing firm aims to use its success to fuel expansion into more territories both in its home state of Michigan, and also into the Chicago area and the Dakotas.

Bob is a towering individual, and ever since his arrival in Detroit in 2014, his impact, energy, and presence can only be described with one word: Big. Previously an All-American football player from Pennsylvania, Bob has driven early growth for his company through sports-minded motivational techniques and by establishing sterling relationships with his biggest clients. To keep up with the demand for Account Representatives in the Metro Detroit Area, Bob promoted Tim Suchodolski to manage a second office in 2015. Only months later Bob had the ability to promote Robert Tyler with a subsequent expansion into Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In addition, JFT Marketing has already promoted a new Metro Detroit Area office manager in 2016, and has Robert Jackson about to open yet another office in Troy, MI.

Bob attributes JFT's success to the carefully cultivated mindset he instills in his employees. "We believe in two things: Hard work and fun," says Bob. "Anyone that comes and works with us that excels in those two fields and embraces the potential for growth will be given every opportunity to succeed." Bob often insists that his experiences in highly competitive and teamwork-oriented college football are the roots of his business philosophy.

This competitive mindset is reflected when Bob is asked about the employees he looks for to help expand his growing business. Bob says JFT needs "someone that is hungry, someone that is driven, and someone that is excited to do something that they have likely never done before. And it is paramount that our new employees love to have fun."

JFT Marketing is projected to take control of the remaining Michigan territories, as well as several Chicago-area locations by the end of what has already been an impressive 2016. By continuing to focus this energy on expansion and maintaining the fun yet competitive atmosphere of his ever-growing organization, Bob hopes to end this year with a total of fifteen offices nation-wide.

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