NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Mar 16, 2016) - Integral Ad Science, the leader in quantifying digital media quality, today announced that Altitude Digital, bRealTime, Cadreon Brazil, ChoiceStream, Dstillery, Exponential, Media iQ, sovrn, Twelvefold and VertaMedia are the latest companies to join its Certified Viewability Partner Program. As members of the program, sellers agree to use Integral Ad Science numbers for billing purposes and buyers agree to utilize Integral numbers for billing purposes with all media partners who have Integral viewability data available. Membership of the program also signifies that they are able to transact on Integral's discrepancy-free viewability measurement.

Traditionally, media quality measurement relies on data from either the advertiser side or the publisher side, resulting in discrepancies of up to 20 percent. Discrepancies lead to significant issues for both sides of the sale, including transacting, planning and optimizing on quality media. Joining the Certified Viewability Partner Program removes the issues by providing a single, accurate, discrepancy-free number on which both sides agree. Integral is the only third-party advertising verification company that is able to measure and report based on a single number.

Integral has also expanded its program to be accessible to buyers in addition to sellers. Once included in the Certified Viewability Partner Program, media sellers will gain increased operational efficiency, which ultimately delivers a relationship with their network that is based on trust and effectiveness. Buyers will establish recognition and visibility for putting viewability at the forefront of their purchasing decisions. The new members join existing members 33Across, Collective, Conversant, Drawbridge, Netmining, TripleLift and Valassis Digital.

"We're committed to building a more transparent and effective digital marketplace, and we're proud to partner with Integral Ad Science on these initiatives," said Manny Puentes, CTO, Altitude Digital. "The Certified Viewability Partner Program strengthens our ability to help buyers and sellers seamlessly transact."

"Viewability measurements are becoming more and more important to our demand side media buying partners and we know that our advertisers appreciate transparency and ease of process. In fact, one of the primary things that can throw up hurdles in the programmatic media buying process is discrepancy around viewability number," said James Faherty, Vice President, Demand, bRealTime. "Working with a trusted third-party like Integral Ad Science, and being part of their Certified Viewability Partner Program, gives our demand partners the security they need to feel totally comfortable with the process."

"We have worked with Integral Ad Science for quite some time now, and are excited to join their Certified Viewability Partner Program," said Walter Motta Junior, Co-Managing Director, Brazil, Cadreon. "Gladly, Cadreon and Integral are much aligned when it comes to improving media quality across the industry and will continue partnering to generate maximum value for our clients."

Eric Bosco, CEO, ChoiceStream, said: "As programmatic becomes more deeply engrained in the advertising and marketing industry, it is imperative to weed out those who would game the system. We are pleased to use Integral viewability data, and joining their Certified Viewability Partner Program is one important step in the direction of a more honest and more trustworthy industry."

"Joining Integral's Certified Viewability Partner Program showcases our commitment to quality media," said Andrew Pancer, Chief Operating Officer, Dstillery. "As more of our clients begin to transact on viewability, we want to enable them to purchase media as transparently and efficiently as possible."

"Our partnership with Integral has developed thanks to sharing a similar view on how viewability vendors and ad platforms should transact and work together to raise the bar for everyone," said Doug Conely, Chief Strategy Officer, Exponential.

"We are excited to join Integral's Certified Viewability Partner Program to promote consistent measurement within the industry and to maintain our focus on viewability in order to deliver engagement and performance for our clients," said Richard Dunmall, Chief Revenue Officer, Media iQ.

"Viewability measurement is an important part of making sure buyers get what they pay for. We are proud to join Integral's Certified Viewability Partner Program to promote consistent measurement across the board and helping to ensure peace of mind for our advertiser clients," said Jeff Barry, Vice President of Ad Operations, sovrn.

"Twelvefold is committed to providing best-in-class solutions to our clients, and joining the Certified Viewability Partner Program is a great opportunity to transact using Integral's discrepancy-free viewability measurement, providing seamless viewability measurement to our advertisers," said David Simon, President, Twelvefold.

"At VertaMedia we care about the integrity of the digital marketing ecosystem and rely on Integral Ad Science to ensure we deliver our clients only high-quality, in view impressions," said Alex Bornyakov, CEO, VertaMedia. "We are pleased to emphasize our successful partnership with Integral by joining their Certified Viewability Partner Program and further enhance our mutual cooperation by making quality ads available for our channel partners and advertisers to transact upon."

"The addition of Altitude Digital, bRealTime, Cadreon Brazil, ChoiceStream, Dstillery, Exponential, Media iQ, sovrn, Twelvefold and VertaMedia to our program signifies another much needed push in the online advertising space," said Scott Knoll, CEO, Integral Ad Science. "We are committed to bringing transparency and cohesiveness to all the players involved in the digital advertising ecosystem."

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