SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwired - March 22, 2016) - Finisar (NASDAQ: FNSR) today announced several optics products and technology demonstrations to be held this week during the OFC exhibition. The company will showcase two new products for 25GbE data center applications including an SFP28 eSR transceiver enabling 300-meter links over existing OM3 MMF, and 25G SFPwire®, an Active Optical Cable (AOC) with embedded technology that provides real-time troubleshooting and link performance monitoring. Finisar will also demonstrate optics technology supporting the PAM4 modulation format for Ethernet interfaces at 50 Gb/s per lane. See these demonstrations, including the latest test equipment products, in Finisar's booth 2305 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California.

25GE SFP28 eSR Transceivers for Data Centers

During OFC, Finisar will feature its SFP28 eSR (extended short reach) transceiver in a demonstration targeting 25G Ethernet data center applications. The new optical module extends links from 70 to 300 meters over existing OM3 multimode fiber (MMF) and enables a seamless upgrade from installed 10GE fiber plant to 25GE. It leverages in-house vertically integrated optics and IC's and interoperates with current 25GE SFP28 SR and QSFP28 SR4 modules.

The demonstration will show the SFP28 eSR module transmitting 300 meters over OM3 MMF in compliance with the same specification as the 25GE SR module, per the IEEE standard. With this product, customers are able to utilize existing, deployed fiber infrastructure, while increasing network bandwidth by 2.5x over existing 10GE networks, saving significant capital expense.

25G SFPwire AOC with Connectivity Diagnostics

The 25G SFPwire® AOC is the ideal solution for intra- and inter-rack high speed data center interconnections. Designed for ease-of-use, 25G SFPwire® AOCs are lighter, more flexible and lower in power consumption than comparable Direct Attached Copper cables (DACs). Finisar's VCSEL and IC technology deliver high signal integrity and reliable performance for error-free 25G connectivity. This allows customers the option to by-pass the host FEC, for non-standard, low-latency connections, which is not possible with comparable DACs.

The embedded Connectivity Diagnostics(TM) technology provides data centers with real-time performance monitoring of the 25G SFPwire AOCs, through both a host-software interface and physical indicators on the AOC pull-tabs. The only technology of its kind in the industry, Connectivity Diagnostics provides critical information used for troubleshooting, link performance monitoring and port-connectivity mapping.

The booth demonstration will show multiple 25G SFPwire® AOCs operating between two switches. Innovative Connectivity Diagnostics features will be demonstrated without affecting data traffic. 

Driving the Definition of PAM4 Optics Technology

PAM4 is a modulation format that has been adopted by the Ethernet Standards for 50 Gb/s per lane signaling, and will become the building block for future 50GE, 100GE, 200GE and 400GE interconnects. PAM4 presents a significant and challenging transition for the optical interconnect industry, driving an industry-wide re-assessment of link budgets, optical components and transceivers in order to implement PAM4 optical technology in an open, standards-driven way.

Finisar is excited to lead the definition and development of PAM4 optical technology for both shortwave (SW, multimode) and longwave (LW, single mode) applications. The PAM4 Optical Technology demonstration, located in both Finisar and Ethernet Alliance booths, will showcase Finisar DML technology transmitting two channels of 50 Gb/s PAM4 on the CWDM grid over 10km of SMF. Hosted within Juniper and Spirent systems in the EA booth, this is the first interoperability demonstration using DML technology to transmit Nx50 Gb/s PAM4. Finisar DML technology, in both SW and LW implementations, will be critical for the success of PAM4 modulation especially in higher loss-budget implementations such as large data center interconnects with multiple patch-panels.

"Finisar is pleased to share our latest 25GE product innovation and PAM4 technology achievements with our customers at OFC," said Todd Swanson, EVP of Global Sales & Marketing at Finisar. "We remain focused on developing a broad portfolio of optical technologies and leading-edge optical modules that our customers require to be successful in their end markets." 

Test Instrument Portfolio

Finisar is also demonstrating new capabilities of the WaveShaper® and WaveAnalyzer™ test equipment portfolio in combination with the UltraSpan® broadband source. The WaveShaper 16000S demonstrates broadcasting to 16 ports, each with individual amplitude and phase filtering. The WaveAnalyzer demonstrates triggered spectral measurements as they are required, for example, in a recirculating loop setup. These demonstrations are supported by Finisar's new UltraSpan® broadband source which provides a powerful and flat ASE signal across the C-band. 

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