BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Mar 29, 2016) - Censio, a company that leverages the power of data analytics and mobile technology to address the growing problem of distracted driving, today announced it has formally changed its name to TrueMotion, unveiling a new website, brand identity and beta version of a new consumer mobile app.

"Death and injury from distracted driving are perhaps the most avoidable health crises our nation faces, but most people don't realize exactly how risky their driving behavior is. TrueMotion captures the true behavior of drivers in motion and shows them how to become better and safer drivers," said Vance Loiselle, CEO of TrueMotion. "In doing so, we can help drivers save money on premiums, help insurance companies reduce losses from claims, and make the roads safer for everyone."

TrueMotion combines cloud software, data science and mobile technology into a single solution for leading insurance companies, including Progressive, which use it to measure risk and reward good drivers. TrueMotion includes a downloadable mobile app that captures and helps improve driver behavior; a big data platform that provides clean, comprehensive driving activity and a management and analytics dashboard that allows an insurance company to manage and improve customer relationships through a Usage Based Insurance (UBI) program.

The new name and brand reflects several truths. Everyone thinks they are a good driver, but seeing actual, objective data shows them the truth and where they can improve. At the same time, TrueMotion helps insurance companies efficiently find the best drivers and measure driver risk based on actual driving behavior, helping them better price policies, deepen relationships with customers and reduce overall losses from accident claims.

"Eventually, we will live in a world where most traffic accidents can be avoided using data from smartphones, cars, traffic, weather, etc.," said Loiselle. "Like autonomous cars, our technology is a major step in transitioning to, and enabling, that new world. In the meantime, we can all do better by understanding our own driving behaviors and taking steps to improve. TrueMotion helps us do just that."

In addition to the new brand launch, TrueMotion is now accepting beta testers of a new family-oriented mobile app, which is scheduled to be launched later this spring. The free family-focused app helps parents and teens measure and improve all aspects of driving behavior, including distraction, in an effort to combat the leading cause of teen deaths in the U.S. The registration form is located on the website at:

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Headquartered in Boston, Mass., TrueMotion brings the power of data analytics and mobile technology to address the growing problem of distracted driving, which is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of millions of dollars in insurance claims each year. TrueMotion's technology platform enables insurance companies to distinguish between safe and risky drivers, reward safe drivers with discounts on their insurance and help reduce the number of driving accidents, leading to safer roads for all. More information is available at

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