SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 29, 2016) - Let's face it, by this time in the year, most of us have either forgotten our New Year's resolutions or avoided setting a goal altogether. With three months already into the year, new research from goal-based social network app, Linkagoal, reveals a daily, snack-sized approach to goals is the ultimate recipe for success.

Linkagoal's latest research, launched in partnership with independent research firm, YouGov, found among 1,164 U.S-based respondents surveyed, three times as many people1 feel more empowered tackling several small goals versus taking on a longer-term goal. Online networks were also found to be a big motivator among those surveyed with nearly half (48%) feeling more inspired to attempt new goals based on seeing others in their network achieve goals. Other survey highlights include:

Guilted into Goals - 62% of social media2 users feel more inclined to stay on track knowing others can see their goal progress online. From a generational perspective, millennials feel the most pressure (65%) in comparison to Gen X'ers and Baby Boomers who both feel the same (55%).

Social Gratification - "Likes" and positive feedback on shared goals would motivate 59% to achieve goals, with social positive reinforcement being more impactful among women (64%) than men (54%).

Accountability = Progress - When sharing goals online, 51% agreed they would feel more obligated to see their ambitions through, with millennials feeling the most obligated (56%) in comparison to Baby Boomers (48%) and Gen X'ers (46%).

Healthy Competition - 53% agree competition among other goal-setters would be a great motivator, with women (52%) having a larger appetite for competition than men (48%) when sharing progress online.

"We launched the research to further explore what really motivates us, particularly in relation to annual resolutions. What we found is that there is a need to rethink how we set goals," said Mohsin Shafique, CEO and founder at Linkagoal. "Goals should be practiced daily with the objective of forming good habits. In doing so, there is a greater likelihood of long-term success."

New Look and Latest Features to Expand Goal Horizons
With nearly two million users to date, Linkagoal is setting out to broaden goal-setters' horizons with the launch of its new and improved goal-based social network and app. As part of the launch, Linkagoal is rolling out a whole new look and toolset to help goal-setters connect, further motivate, inspire and support others in their own personal or collective endeavors. New features and benefits include:

Goals Are More Digestible - With Linkagoal's new timeline and latest milestone feature, you can now develop your own interactive plan and benchmark daily progress.

Share Your Journey - Post your own progress or keep up with others with Linkagoal's dedicated goal-based newsfeed. Share goal progress via video, photos or even @mentioning fellow peers. You can also share other life events, too.

Regular Goal Pulse - Linkagoal alerts you when someone shares advice, you gain a new follower, or if your goal has been shared with the wider community.

Goal Power Groups - Link to others with similar goals and enjoy a community that's laser-focused on achieving a common goal.

Connect your Life Events - Bridge your goals with everyday life events to share with your followers

Linkagoal has already helped its users to inspire and reach their goals. Need proof? Jared reached his goal of mastering the boomerang in just 14 days with the community-based support:

"Linkagoal was conceived on the belief that a lack of guidance, resources and accountability are key factors in keeping people from realizing their goals. Linkagoal is using the power of social networking and crowdsourcing to help people to connect based on similar goals, while providing the tools and support to aid them throughout their goal-making journey. With today's launch, we are not only trying to make goals fun, but we aim to inspire and help people do almost anything, from quitting smoking to even learning how to master a boomerang," added Shafique.

Linkagoal continues to enhance its goal-based social network and app with plans to add rewards, mentorship and goal campaign programs in late 2016.

Join Linkagoal today to start setting your goals and connecting with others: Share your daily goals on Linkagoal's #NewDaysResolution Explore page:

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About Linkagoal
Linkagoal is changing the way we set goals with its social network and app. With a global community of 2 million and counting, Linkagoal connects people based on similar goals and aspirations to help turn their wishes into actions. Through instant crowdsourcing, users can collaborate by sharing useful tips, motivational support and other means of mentoring to help one another become successful in achieving their goals. For more information about how Linkagoal is changing the social landscape for good, please visit:

Notes to editors:

All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 1164 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between November 6th - 9th, 2015. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all US adults (aged 18+).

1 This figure is rebased to represent US adults who feel empowered by either achieving small victories or accomplishments or by achieving one long term victory. Those who felt the two were the same were taken out.
2 This figure is representative of respondents who used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn