SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 29, 2016) - SourceClear, the security company for software developers, today announced that DataStax, the leading provider of database software for cloud applications, and Zendesk, Inc. (NYSE: ZEN), a customer service platform provider, have selected SourceClear to secure and support their agile and modern software development environments.

At DataStax and Zendesk, existing security products provided out-of-date, incomplete data riddled with false positives, frustrating development teams. As aggressive users and supporters of open source, both DataStax and Zendesk turned to SourceClear. Implementation was seamless and swift, and SourceClear's value was immediate. Within minutes, SourceClear was identifying potential security risks that were otherwise taking hours to identify and offering vital remediation strategies.

"We build DataStax Enterprise as the database for cloud applications, and open source Cassandra is our foundational technology that makes it so powerful and scalable. Just as Cassandra has become the database technology of choice for thousands of the world's most innovative companies, SourceClear has become our de facto open-source security technology provider," said DataStax Vice President of Test and Release Engineering Cathy Daw. "In particular, SourceClear's library security data provides precise insights and prioritizes the top risks through identifying vulnerable methods. Also, their security research team produces informed, insightful write-ups that offer critical guidance on identifying and combating the latest threats."

"Agile, continuous integration, DevOps represent foundational components in the ever-evolving software development processes that drive our business. And SourceClear is one of the security cornerstones of that software ecosystem," said Zendesk Vice President of Security Ryan Gurney. "SourceClear supports multiple languages and generates a wealth of security intelligence -- beyond what is found in CVEs and the NVD. This data combined with SourceClear's detailed posts on remediation strategies provide us with valuable, actionable information."

"Security should never be an afterthought. It should always be part of continuously improving development processes," said SourceClear CEO Mark Curphey. "Tremendous endorsements from the likes of DataStax and Zendesk validate our mission: SourceClear secures open-source code so that the world's leading companies can focus their time and resources on delivering valuable, strategic solutions to their customers and expand their businesses."

Designed to integrate seamlessly into modern development processes, SourceClear detects threats in millions of open-source frameworks and libraries throughout the entire software supply chain. Architected by developers for developers, SourceClear secures open-source code by creating a real-time, open-source inventory, showing where components came from, who created them, what they are doing in applications, and the potential risks they introduce.

Unlike other approaches, SourceClear works inside a developer's workflow and with a team's existing tool-chain, enabling unprecedented visibility into third-party code risk. Combining an advanced data-science and machine learning platform with human research, SourceClear identifies open-source security issues at scale and speed, exposing new and previously undisclosed vulnerabilities, and offering clear guidance on remediation.

About DataStax
DataStax, the leading provider of database software for cloud applications, accelerates the ability of enterprises, government agencies, and systems integrators to power the exploding number of cloud applications that require data distribution across datacenters and clouds, by using their secure, operationally simple platform built on Apache Cassandra™. With more than 500 customers in over 50 countries, DataStax is the database technology of choice for the world's most innovative companies, such as Netflix, Safeway, ING, Adobe, Intuit, Target and eBay. For more information, visit or follow us @DataStax.

About Zendesk
Zendesk provides a customer service platform designed to bring organizations and their customers closer together. With more than 69,000 paid customer accounts, Zendesk's products are used by organizations in 150 countries and territories to provide support in more than 40 languages. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in San Francisco, Zendesk has operations in the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. Learn more at

About SourceClear
SourceClear is the security company for software developers. We are a team of software and security engineers helping software engineering teams build software, safely. We take care of security for open-source and third-party code so our customers can focus on their business: shipping features and delighting users. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, and with an office in Singapore, SourceClear is backed by Index Ventures and Storm Ventures. For more information, visit us at:

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